Creative grief project. Some scatter ashes, some scatter words.

Postcards For You

Messages for lost loved ones, shared with the world.

Death is cruel. Grief is complex. The current global situation we face together has only intensified the pain and confusion.

Yet, many Governments and Media continue to describe those who have died, as merely ‘stats’ and ‘data’.

Let’s show some humility. Acknowledge humanity. This pandemic is personal. Grief is personal.

Every single individual lost – no matter when, no matter how – is a unique being; with a name and a story. With a reason to be remembered.

A new postcard project is here – a global tribute. Messages shared first online, and then left out in the world for strangers to find (when the time is right).


Launched on 21 May in #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

60 Postcards

11 Feb 2012 was the day my Mum, Vivienne, died of bowel cancer. 16 days fell between her diagnosis and her death.

Suffocated by the first ‘milestones’ and ‘moments’, I decided try something different for her upcoming birthday; a tribute.

Eurostar vouchers were the last gift Mum had given to me, so I set off to Paris with a group of friends to celebrate her 60th birthday. I brought 60 Postcards with me and wrote the same handwritten message about her and the project on each one.

We scattered them all around the city and I put my email on the them, encouraging any finders to get in touch. The response was magic…

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