And so it begins……


Starting a blog is scary. Really scary. I’ve been procrastinating for too long now, though. It’s time to ditch ‘the fear’ and get going. So here I am – hi.

One thing I have noticed when reading up on advice about beginning to blog, is to make sure it is something that you are passionate about. Tick; there is nothing I could be more passionate about than my wonderful mother and telling the world about her. When she died, I really wasn’t sure how I’d be in a year but I’m still standing. Admittedly, I am reduced to a crawl when I’ve been on the vino blanc, but you get my drift. I’m mainly standing.

Rather than just rambling on and on I am setting myself creative challenges to spread the word about Mum. I will write about these on here, whilst telling you a few stories of past and present along the way. This is not going to be a morbid read, I promise you that. More smiles, less tears. It’s about battling through the pain of losing someone and doing something special – something beautiful. My mum would have loved this which is exactly why I am doing it.

I’ve got big ideas, small ideas and even ideas involving the readers of this blog (if i get any. Awkward). I want this to be a good read for anyone that stumbles across it (or is forced to read it by myself, stood over their computer – watch out). So many people seem to be so afraid of talking about the loss of a loved one. I don’t think it should be such a taboo subject and I want to try something new. If this inspires anyone, then that’s a bonus.

I am going to be posting regularly, assuming I don’t forget my password. “What a stupid thing to do?” I hear you say. Well, you are listening to a girl who lost two bank cards within a month. Anything is possible. Sometimes I even surprise myself.

Come back again to find out what happened when I left a message on 60 postcards around Paris.

There is a reason I posted this today; happy Mother’s Day to my inspiration.

Ciao for now.


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22 thoughts on “And so it begins……

  1. I can’t wait to read up on the blog, then the ebook and also place some around town in columbia missouri.

    My own postcard site started when I recently found postcards my dad had sent me when I was 4 on a business trip. After finding them, I posted them and started my own Postcards Project.

    A Few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t think I have still come to terms yet with it, but this just may be the therapy I need to help me.

    This is a wonderful I idea you have and I can’t wait to hide my own postcards and contribute to 60postcards!

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  3. Hi x I too have lost my mam and there is not a day goes by when I don’t think of her! I still have vivid dreams of her and wish she was still here with me , however she is doing an important job for me……. I lost my son Ralph aged 18 months and she is looking after home until we meet again. I understand completely how you feel and I have waited to get your book to read. It is fantastic and I am really enjoying it, not wanting to put it down and yet not wanting it to end either …………. I will keep in touch Mel x

  4. hi Rachel
    i’m reduced to tears reading this and the battery on my computer is about to run out, I bumped into your dad earlier today who told me about this project!!!! it is wonderful, and reminds of of many things of my dad who i “lost” well i didn’t really loose him, in fact i think i found him as i have since remembered lots of little foibles we have shared in the family over the intervening 5 & 1/2 years!!!!!
    this is truly inspirational & i intend to share with family, friends & patients alike. i look forward to following it. I am a virgin blogger

    Andy Lev

  5. From all the school kids that new her we all miss her much and she will always have a place at our school

  6. I too have just discovered your blog via Emerald Street and I think it’s such a lovely idea. I love France and I am really close to my own Mum who lived in Paris for a while. Xx

  7. Hi Rachael,

    I have just discovered your blog via Emerald Street, and have sat through my lunch hour transfixed. I have shared this on Facebook so my friends can discover it too. This is a beautiful way to remember your Mum, and it is nice to read such a lovely story instead of my usual lunchtime newsreading, which is so often depressing!

    Jacinda. x

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