Friends and the First Response

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My last post was left with quite the cliff hanger. Well you only have to wait a little longer – just until later in this post. Firstly, I wanted to tell you a little about each of the Paris Crew members. Without these lot, this mission would never have been so much bloody fun to do.



Amy and I have been buddies since Middle School. This Hackney based gal will be the last one standing on a night out and I always struggle to keep up. Amy loves the theatre, which reminds me – we are going tomorrow. Oh, and she still owns a discman. These Hackney lot are too cool. I must take note.



Housemate Beccy and I met when I first moved to London and into an abode in the East. She is the best lady to dance like a mental with in the kitchen. Beccy is a total film guru and will one day attend an Oscars party, I have no doubt. She is a huge help with ideas and support for this project.



Beth and I have been friends since we were 3. I had the pleasure of being her and lovely Matty boy’s bridesmaid last year. If Betty isn’t busy doing up her lovely home in Exeter, she will be doing something sporty as ever! Beth gets the giggles like no other. I just wish she lived closer to me.



Bethan is a school friend I’ve known since age 9. Beej loves her rowing, sport in general, writing her tennis blog and she loves cheese (so much). This lovely lady is the reason I moved to London – forever grateful! After a short while together we find we sound very similar- voice twins.



I met Caroline through work when I started at my present company about 4 years ago. Carlone has so many strings to her bow its ridiculous. On top of her full time job Caroline acts, sings in a band and is often found drinking wine in bars with myself, as we people watch and list-write. People refer to her as my wife.



I met welshy Clare through playing netball at Uni. Clare is a do-er (so to speak) – theatre, rollerskating, circus skills training- you name it and she’s done it. She goes by the nickname ‘Fun Clare’ because that is exactly what she is. Didn’t want to miss out on seeing Beyonce, so she’s just popping to Poland for it (as you do).


david and kerry DAVID

Geordie boy David came into my life through miss Clare as they work together. I think even from our first meeting I realised that this man is not only an incredible mover but he also loves to sing. What a beautiful voice….he takes requests…

Ps he is also in on the Beyonce in Poland plan.



Katie was my housemate until very recently. Last week Katie flew off to Brazil to work out there for 2 years. Otherwise known as ‘Kazzle’, this girl is hot on languages and has a love for all things Latin. Katie went absolutely mental for the Olympics last year – Jessica Ennis is her idol. Missing her dearly.



I met Kerry as she is Katie’s college friend. It’s hard to believe I’ve only known her a couple of years. We’ve already been on trips to Croatia, of course Paris and even Cardiff. Wowsa. Kerry is a cheeky one and we always have a giggle. Let’s get booking our Brazil flights soon!



Stew and I met at High School. Like Katie, Stew is excellent at languages and we always have a laugh with him trying to teach me, especially with French. Oh and the way this man can tell a story is pure magic – he has us all in stitches.



Trent is another housemate and I adore living with him. He is super smart and witty and although he won’t believe me, i find his laugh amazing and infectious. Trent is a very talented writer and I will be asking him for his expert advice along the way. Simply a wondrous man.


Right, so there you have it! At least you now know a little about my cracking friends and it will make much more sense when they come up in stories in future posts. I could write about them forever but I really must tell you about that message…


I haven’t forgotten. How could I? So, a postcard had been found. This was what I had been waiting for.

Arielle, along with friends Nashley and Rebecca, were the girls that had emailed me. The Abbey Bookshop is a quirky little Canadian bookshop in the Latin Quarter, stocking thousands of books – old and new. The girls had been browsing here when they found my postcard.

The Abbey Bookshop29 Rue de la Parcheminerie, 75005 Paris
The Abbey Bookshop
29 Rue de la Parcheminerie, 75005 Paris

The girls didn’t mention why they were in Paris that day but they did explain that it was sitting on the top of a pile of books in the music and film section. Arielle attached a photo of it in the shop:

Photo of the Postcard that they found!
Photo attached to the first response email

I was blown away by the fact that it had worked. I had received my first response! The thing is though, it wasn’t the only one that I received.

You are going to have to come back. It just gets so so much better…….


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  1. I love the introduction to your partners in crime and you have got me hooked straight away waiting for the next installment!

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