The English Girls & The Eiffel Tower Postcard

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My postcard makes it to the top!



Here is the photo we took of your postcard at the top of the Eiffel Tower! 🙂 My friends Pam, Ellie and I were all moved by the message on the back of the postcard, and we feel very touched that you asked us to take part in the project. It is such a wonderful idea and we wish you the best of luck with the other 59 postcards 🙂 Hope it all went well and that you had a fantastic time in Paris!

Take care,


So I may not have made it to the top, but my message certainly did. Wow.

I responded to the three girls and did a little digging to find out some more about them. Durham University was where they had all met. They are now living in different parts of the world from each other (Beccy – Germany, Ellie – Spain, Pam – London), so they were using Paris as a catch up break after being apart for five months.

Ellie, Beccy and Pam

As you can see from the pic, Ellie is holding a Ukulele! These musical girls decided to form a band last year (Three Octaves Down) and I have been told they even had band t-shirts made. Girls if you read this – I’d quite like one!

I knew I had a good feeling about that moment under the Eiffel Tower. What fantastic people – I really lucked out. The more I think about these responses, the more I realise how much I love it. A piece of card; a piece of card with some words on – that’s all it takes to kick something off. It’s a simple idea and I had nothing to lose, really. Not after the biggest loss I could imagine.

A man called Tim has come across my blog and has kindly commented on it and tweeted several times. He has written a book ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ and is trying to sell 1000 copies on Amazon for charity. He has decided to send one of his books off on a journey and to blog about it. His last tweet reads: ‘@60postcards loving your blog and I have been inspired to try something similar to help promote my book :)’. I feel so honoured that the idea of scattering words has been used by a fellow tribute-maker.

So I am writing this on a train, again. I haven’t made any new friends this time but probably don’t deserve to – I’ve had my earphones in for ages, forgetting to press play. Idiot. I also just had a chuckle to myself as I was staring out of the window as I remembered something from when I was young…

“Is that the Eiffel Tower?” I used to ask mum. “No pet – that’s a pylon”.

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3 thoughts on “The English Girls & The Eiffel Tower Postcard

  1. Smithy I am the same just realising I’ve shared them on Facebook all in the wrong order, duh!!! ( To coin Rachael’s phrase! )
    Think I’ve got the hang of it now?
    Beautiful writing Rachael a very therapeutic thing for not only you but for many people – a wonderful thing to read x

  2. If the journey of my book gets just a little close to the interest your postcards and blog have created I will be a very happy man 🙂

  3. Chadders, I am addicted! Ok, so I admit to being technologically challenged and this is infact the first ‘blog’ I have actually ever read (check me out getting down with the kids!) but I am hooked. I devour your posts as soon as i get get my hands on them and feel physically disappointed at the end – you tease! You’re amazing and talanted bird, and I am proud to share this journey with you xxxxx

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