It’s in the Genes

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I’ve been to the Soho Theatre this evening. I like the theatre, you know and I really should go more. Plays, comedies, musicals – you name it, I like it. I’m interested in anything creative, really.

My love for creativity and for writing now is because of something my mum said to me just a few nights before she passed. I took mum to bed and lay with her for a while. I’d mentioned nothing of my future without her until this point but I couldn’t help asking if there was any way that she could write a letter; a letter for my children if I am ever to have them. She shook her head and told me it would be too much. I felt bad, I shouldn’t have asked. But then she said something that will stay with me forever. She told me that she trusted my way with words. That through my words I could tell them everything about her. That’s the beautiful thing with mum’s, dad’s, siblings – family. They believe in you – no question. Any ounce of creativity I have in me is from her. And she is right, I do love words and that’s exactly why I am doing this project now.

Another passion of mine, handed down from mum, is dance. I went to see a show last year called ‘Some Like it Hip Hop’ at the Peacock Theatre (Sadler’s Wells sister theatre). Not happy with going once, I ended up going four times. I deservedly got a lot of stick for that. But you know what, I didn’t care what people thought. It was the first dance performance I went to see last year that didn’t make me sad. Mum and I watched so many things together and we got excited about them together.

Dance was a hobbie I enjoyed weekly from the age of 3 to 18; french plaits, red lipstick, shows, exams and summer schools. I loved every minute. I went on to have my own classes for a couple of years after uni. The girls that I taught are now making me feel old as I see them on Facebook with photos of holidays, going out to BARS and not to mention with the long-term boyfriends.

I understand that this may seem a bit of a weird post and a little out of the blue. You may wonder where this is going. It is all part of the story, though. It is all because of the person who found another postcard in Paris. The person who I will be talking about next…….

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7 thoughts on “It’s in the Genes

  1. Apologies..I am one of those girls you taught making you feel old! Finally catching up on the blog and loving it…. Love from Chloe xox

  2. I went to see some like it hip hop too!! it was incredible 😀
    really really loving the blog Rach.. just reading at college now instead of psychology 😉 missing you! lots of love Amber xx

  3. Loving every word of your blog, Rachael! Was so lovely to read about your Mum. She was, of course, absolutely right to have faith in your way with words……I admire hugely your skill and talent. Am totally hooked! xxxx

  4. I know I speak for many….what a fantastic blog and such a fitting tribute to an amazing lady. Today’s was absolutely heart-wrenching! Your mum would have been so proud.

  5. Wow Rach! Heard from Sarah u were doing this. Just read all your posts in one go! I’m hooked! It’s an amazing idea, can’t wait for more! 😀 xx

  6. Rach I really enjoyed reading this. It brought back lots of memories. Looking forward to your next post xxx

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