Introducing Stephanie: The Ballet Dancing Postcard Finder

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“Hello Rachael,
My name is Stephanie. I found your postcard at Shakespeare and Co. in Paris last week. I was there visiting a friend who is currently performing in West Side Story at the Theatre du Chatelet. I just got back home to New York City where I am a ballet dancer. Your postcard was sitting right in front of a Western photo book at the book store and I was interested in what it said. I decided to bring it with me to the big apple and put it somewhere here if you don’t mind.
I had a fabulous time visiting Paris. It was my 2nd time there, but this time I was with friends so it was much more fun to see all the sights!
You said you were from London on the card. I lived there for 6 months dancing with Ballet Black, a dance company that is part of the Royal Opera House 2. If you have the opportunity, you should see their season in the spring.
I wish you all the best, and hope to hear back from you!



What? Sorry, what? I had to read it several times. “I just got back to New York where I am a ballet dancer”.

In this whole experience I knew it was a given that I would learn new things. But the skill of trying not to shout with joy, cry with emotion and refrain from wetting myself with excitement was quite something.

Also, I was so excited to hear that Stephanie took the postcard back with her to the Big Apple. Alexandre was a Parisian that had found the postcard at his local Amelie cafe (so beautiful in itself) and I find it amazing that the others were found by people who live around the world.

Of course, when I received this email it was not long before I was on Facebook or emailing and messaging all over the place.

imageA short while after I had told the Paris crew the NY postcard response news, Beccy (my housemate and close friend), told me to keep a date free in my diary to hang out. She wouldn’t tell me what we were doing for a while but revealed closer to the night that her wonderful mum, Sue, had got us tickets to see a dress rehearsal of, ‘War Letters’ – a Ballet Black performance at the Royal Opera House. Stephanie’s recommendation became a reality. I was so glad to be going.

Q&A @ The Royal Opera House after Ballet Black's rehearsal
Q&A @ The Royal Opera House after Ballet Black’s rehearsal

A dress rehearsal is a fantastic thing to go and see. You hear commentary throughout from the choreographer, get to understand the story better and receive a real insight into how much it takes to get a show as perfect as possible. A Q&A followed the performance and as the fun came to a close, we had an idea. I should try to meet one of the company to tell them why I had come to watch. Bec and her mum were the perfect people to have around to encourage this! So, off I went against the grain of the crowd filtering out of the Theatre and down the stairs to sneak closer to the stage. It worked out well because I bumped into one of the dancers. I told him my story. He loved it. Oh and he just happened to know who Stephanie is.

To recap – I met a dancer in the Royal Opera House who knows the girl in NYC who happened to pick up my postcard in a book shop in Paris. I never, ever expected anything like this to happen.

imageChris Marney was the choreographer for this Ballet Black performance. Chris is not only a talented and well-respected choreographer, he is also a dancer who has performed with several companies and has been involved in some of Matthew Bourne’s works. Totally by chance we bumped into him in the foyer. Luck was on my side that night.

So there you have it – Stephanie is the latest finder to join the postcard story. I’m still gobsmacked – utterly gobsmacked.

I guess I will just speak to you on Sunday, folks.

Enjoy your weekends!

P.S Happy Birthday Dad 🙂 x

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9 thoughts on “Introducing Stephanie: The Ballet Dancing Postcard Finder

  1. Brilliant! Really enjoying hearing all about what you are up to. I love the different directions this is taking you… and us x

  2. OMG…..THis is the second time you have left me in tears….. What a truly amazing story…… How will you beat that one?
    Happy BIrthday Mr C

  3. I had goosebumps when I read this! How exciting! Even more goosebumps when I realised that what I planned to write was exactly the same as Liz…

  4. Oh wow, that’s amazing! Who would have thought those postcards would have brought you so many new experiences and friends. Someone up there is definitely watching over you! Liz Y x

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Very jealous!! very very jealous!!… still reading at college dance exam in a couple of weeks should probably do some work. but never mind 🙂 lots of love. Amber xx

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