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I didn’t leave you with a classic cliffhanger last time. It didn’t need one as the story is just so serendipitous. Big shout out to the spell check there. I’m pretty sure ‘serendipitous’ didn’t make an appearance in the school spelling tests. I’ve never really need to use it before but it has quickly become one of my favourite words.

Lights, camera, action for Steph!
Steph showing an alternative way to get up stairs!
Steph showing an alternative way to get up stairs!

Stephanie the dancer not only got back to me but also carried my mission on……

“Hello Rachael,

Congratulations on the start-up of your blog! I think it’s such a perfect way to honor your mom.

So today was the day I dropped your postcard off somewhere in the city. And what better place to put it than the Shakespeare & Co in Soho! It was the first 70 degree, perfectly sunny day of 2013. I also happened to be with the same person that I was with when I found the postcard in Paris. I| placed it on a very colorful hard copy shelf, in between the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol and Great Expectations by Dickens. Classics. I sent you a separate email containing photos from my iphone.

Soho NY bookshop


This week is my ballet company’s New York Lincoln Center season. It marks the first time my company has performed in NYC in nine years! After this week, we start touring to other places like Florida, Washington DC, Russia, Tel Aviv……….”

I love the way that she has continued the scattering of the postcard. The equivalent book shop is the perfect idea, too. Even if no one ever sees it or finds it – that’s OK. The point is that it made it. The postcard has made it across the globe. I’m hoping this story will too someday.

I have mentioned a few times that I have my next location chosen for the challenge ahead, where I will leave another 60 postcards and take a new task with me. It’s been so difficult keeping it quiet.

I don’t actually need to leave 60 postcards there. Why not? That is the point surely? I actually only need 59.

Before I even knew that the Paris postcard had been left by Stephanie in Soho, New York, I had already booked to go there on holiday. Wayhey!


The clocks @ The Royal Opera House - how fitting
The clocks @ The Royal Opera House – how fitting

Caroline (Paris crew member) and I fly over there in 9 days time. I’ve never been and, just like Paris, it is a city I need to visit. I plan on accentuating my accent of course. “OMG, are you like British or something?”. “Yes darling, yes I am. Oh gosh, how delightful!”.

I’m so excited about the postcards. I’ve done this before and I will most definitely have more of a game plan this time. I know what to aim for, to be more confident and to enjoy it rather than quake in my boots and perhaps avoid literally throwing them about the place.

As for the other challenge – well that’s where I need your help. I will post soon, giving you 3 Tasks to choose from. Please don’t judge me if I am not successful but trust me when I say that I will try my best.

Of course, I should probably mention at this point that Stephanie and I are going to try to meet for a coffee. AND I am going to see her perform! Magic.

Until I send you the task options I will leave you with this:

“Serendipity – a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.’

Goodnight x

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12 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Absolutely fabulous and really talented. I am not surprised; you have always illustrated these qualities.I have loved all your postings so far and can’t wait to read more. Enjoy NYC! x

  2. Hi Rachael, what a totally wonderful blog. I have just read this in my office on my lunch hour – I have nearly shed a tear……….
    What a beautiful way to remeber your mum – just totally fantastic.
    Enjoy NYC – I am going in November for the first time – I can’t wait!

  3. Rachel I have just read your entire blog… This is such an incredibly inspirational thing to do, i hope you are loving it as much as it sounds like you are!

    Have a wonderful time in NYC, such an amazing place, and post updates regularly!

    Rhiannon, from London

  4. I discovered your blog earlier this evening when I saw it on a friends facebook page. I’ve just finished the last post (dinner & a visit from the in-laws stopped me reading all posts in one go) and I’m so inspired. You have a brilliant way with words and I am counting down to the next post!
    I’m so excited that you’re taking 60 postcards to NYC!! I actually got engaged at the Top of the Rock in December 2010 – I would love to see a postcard there on the very top floor, overlooking the Empire State.Its a beautiful view at sunset and so many people would see the postcard! Have fun! x

  5. This is great – I’m sat in my office in Newcastle really loving this – I feel like I’m on the journey with all of your postcards – I LOVE Paris – and can’t wait to hear how you get on in New York…
    P.s. please please turn this into a book!

  6. Hello Rachael, What a wonderful idea to commemorate your mum and how lovely that it has begun to soar. I found out about you from Emerald Street and have just read your whole blog. Wishing you all the best from Scotland, Vohn x

  7. I read this with a smile on my face! I never knew what serendipity was before, what it meant.. or how to spell it, but now I know both and will definitely use it, thanks to you! Really enjoying your adventures. I will try and contact you as I have activities week coming up and you have got me thinking on whether we could link in with you in some way or at least I could tell them what you are up to in memory of your Mum. Watch out for a Darragh phone call!

  8. Wow this is brilliant. Rach you will love New York. Darren and I went for our honeymoon in January this year and we both want to live there. It is truly and amazing and safe city. Can’t wait to hear all about it especially Stephanie’s performance xxx

  9. I am still amazed at how creative and talented you are Rach. Even though I know some of the stories before you post them, I’m still hanging on every word. Keep up the good work!

  10. Rach ur story continues to leave tears in my eyes and excitement in my heart. But it’s not a story it’s real, real life excitement that I’m loving living with you. I’m so smiley about how it’s all threading together in small pieces by accident. It’s amazing. Outstanding even.
    I admire your bravery for starting it and I hope it never ends. xxxxx

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