New Adventure in New York!

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Angel today - Coffee and new notepad Crikey! What a week. I feel like I have been in the Twilight zone a bit. Actually, it took me a few days to realise I’d bought drowsy and not the non-drowsy medicine. That didn’t help. I can’t believe that one email to one publication (Emerald Street) has created such a wonderful chain reaction; the domino effect in action. I was once just talking to my computer screen, and then I was lucky enough to feel like I was talking to familiar faces of friends and family. Now strangers are joining the story. Welcome.

I’ve mentioned looking at the blog stats before. The fact that you can see where people are viewing it from is fascinating. (Dad – big shout out to you here! I did tell you I’d show this to you at some point! And you – Clare in Brunei!). This is the last 7 days…


As you already know, I am off to deliver more postcards in NYC. 59 in fact, because Stephanie – the ballet dancer – has already done the honours with one of them. Lovely. Now for continuity I’ve gone for the same postcards. Apologies to Paperchase – you may need to re-stock again.

The same 3 postcard designs left in Paris
The same 3 postcard designs left in Paris

As for the words, I went along the same lines…..

“PLEASE READ! You have found 1 of 60 postcards scattered around NYC. I have left these here in memory of my wonderful mother who passed away last year. You are now part of the 60 postcards project which started with 60 being left in Paris. I’d love you to be a part of it and the blog that I have created! Please email me with your name, a photo, what you were doing when you found it and any other stories you would like to tell. Thank you, Rachael x

Email: Twitter: @60postcards Blog:

Feel free to email or tweet me with ideas of where to leave them! I can’t promise I can do them all but would love to hear what you think.

THE NEW CHALLENGE (Vote by Wednesday!):

It’s time for a the reader participation I told you about. Get your thinking hats on, your minds in gear or to be honest – just go with your instinct from the first look!

Here is the design of the 3 options. Fun Clare, AKA one of the Paris crew, helped me with this, and bringing in the I Love New York logo! Bethan, fellow Paris crew member was also a huge help in encouraging people to ‘do things’.

As I don’t want to put too much time pressure on Caroline and I (we want to spend time chilling and sight seeing too!) I have decided that this challenge will be 16 rather than 60. 16 is the date of mum’s birthday.

I Love New York with a 60 Postcards twist
I Love New York with a 60 Postcards twist

Option 1: CREATE – Leave 16 leaflets of the logo above around, telling people to get creative and get back to me with a challenge that they have done for themselves.

Option 2: INSPIRE – Ask 16 New Yorkers or Tourists to hold a sign up of the logo so that I can take a photo of them with it and create a photo montage. I will ask each of the 16 people to tell me about someone or something that has inspired them.

Option 3: SPREAD THE LOVE (Bethan’s phrase!) – Attached to a large sheet with this logo on will be space for people to write a heartwarming story and then they pass it onto someone new. Hopefully the 16th person will get in touch with me!

So there it is. 60 postcards in NYC is approaching quickly. Before, I was catching up but now I am blogging as it happens and you are experiencing it as I go along. I will still talk about Paris of course, but this is no longer my project – it’s ours. (Sounds a bit like we should all hold hands – not the case.)

Welcome to Team 60 Postcards.

To finish things off for ce soir, my Mum gave me this card below when I first moved to London……


I’m plan to buy myself some heels and take NYC by storm.

Never have I been more passionate and excited about this project. Your comments, tweets and emails of support are spurring me on so much. And with my mother being my motivation, I will give this my all.


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6 thoughts on “New Adventure in New York!

  1. Just lovely rach. Very excited for you. You have always done your mum proud, and I am proud too xxx

  2. Reblogged this on The Little Window and commented:
    After reading my daily Emerald Street email I couldn’t wait to check out Rachel’s blog. By the end of my lunch-break I had read everything. Her blog truly is an inspiration. I have now become an avid reader and you should too. I won’t see anything more, I want you to see for yourselves! x

  3. Hi Rachael – your blog is inspiring and becoming so exciting! I’m an avid reader. Bon Voyage! Much love Mary Chad xxx

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