More Smiles, Less Tears…

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It was in my first post that I promised you ‘more smiles, less tears’. Well it seems that, according to readers, I’ve produced far too many tears lately. I apologise for that. I’ve gone with my instinct and didn’t feel it would be right to miss anything out. Also, in my defence, when I started this blog I had no idea what was going to come next! I’ve also just realised you have one letter to read at the end of every post for quite some time. Good luck!

So, lets take a break. This is simply a few fun moments in NYC.
imageI am no stranger to purchasing a Starbucks coffee. When we were in that first Starbucks in New York though, I totally froze. “Ma’am, what would you like?” I was in a right old panic, whispering to Caroline, checking my order and trying to figure out if they would have that over here? Well of course they flipping would. It’s New York City for goodness sake. When I had to give my name I hammed up the British accent as much as I could to excuse the stuttered order. I got my coffee but this is a moment that still makes Miss Caroline laugh at me. Deservedly so!
imageFor a London resident, the tube becomes a doddle. It seemed though, that even with a transport guru such as Caroline, that we needed to suss the NYC subway out and seek some proper advice. This would be fine given the man’s microphone was working.
Caroline: So a 7 day metro card would be best?
Metro man: asjdkajsdkhskfbmfeazfjkndsz,nd.
Caroline: Sorry, we can’t hear you? Should we get a 7 day pass?
Metro man: dakhfkdhsbdkszmbsdjsbdmsdm
Metro man: Is it now? Look just make sure you swipe it slzmckdnzkcn way around and if it lsmsmsmd – keep trying otherwise you will keep people waiting. (We couldn’t see what he was doing either.)
As we wandered away in fits of giggles, we then took about 3 goes each to pass through, with a humongous crowd behind us of course. CRINGE.
Me: CAROLINE! Someone is in the LAKE! What the HELL is he doing?
Caroline: I think he’s cleaning it out Rach.
Phew. That beer had really gone to my head. Good job I didn’t jump in.
imageAs a British lass, you will appreciate how much it means to hear the question asked to you by the Tea Spot staff as soon as you walk through their door…..
“Are you hear for tea or wine?”
imageIt was on our list to have a delicious NYC style brunch. We found a cracking café out in the sun and we spent ages drooling over the menu. So in the excitement of the moment I go for the alcoholic beverage with my set brunch option. After the waiter advised me that it was just after 11am (with a look of disbelief), I sensed that would it be a good time to switch to an orange juice. But did I stop there? Oh no. In my state of embarrassment I cracked AWFUL jokes about Brits and our drinking habits. Apologies Dad.
imageThis goes down as one of my favourite moments of my visit to NYC. We were sat on the subway, watching the child next to us push away their toy in disinterest. The keyboard and the mic were left hanging, but not for long. The mum stepped in. For several stops, the baby, the whole carriage got to appreciate the Mum in a full performance. Singing/rapping (not even the artist herself could be sure what was happening), this girl entertained us and her little one (and especially me) loved every minute!
imageOn our last night out in NYC, we hit the roof terrace of 230, 5th Avenue. This is a very cool place with incredible views and hot pink fluffy dressing gowns that keep you snug the whole night through. So much so, that when we wanted to move from one area to the other, we had forgotten how many mojitos that we had consumed and noticed very swiftly that the floor resembles an ice rink. I almost stacked it. Several times. Sniggers from fellow drinkers encouraged me to leave the stiletto heels at home next time.
As we were staying just moments away from Times Square, we dropped in on the tourist  hot spot several times on our way home. At the top of the stairs, you get an opportunity to be seen on-screen for a flash moment. Postcard in hand, I tried to get a shot.
Luckily Caroline was on hand to do a better job!
imageTo the couple sat to my right in yet another NYC Starbucks, this was a bizarre moment. I was sobbing, but smiling, I had no coffee as Caroline had told me that she would bring it over (she could see that I was about to burst). I’d received a postcard response and this is the one that is so serendipitous I wonder if someone stalked me and orchestrated it. But they can’t possibly have. I have been in touch with the finder – they are most definitely real!
This my favourite cliffhanger yet and  it’s absolutely 100% thought-it through-and-I-don’t-even-care on purpose.
If this doesn’t blow your mind or make you have a little think about fate, I’m not sure what will. (Wow I’ve really built this up now haven’t I!). I will reveal all in my next post!
P.s Letter from the kids….
Thanks Sam! Good luck on your future adventures!

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3 thoughts on “More Smiles, Less Tears…

  1. Phew – the title delivered and for once I don’t regret reading in public (thanks!)
    And as for the subway singstar photo – I laughed out loud at the woman on the right. With a look that says “freakin’ photo-takin’ tourists” (one so often seen in London!).
    Next post soon please.

  2. Haha!! I love the woman and the keyboard story!! Made me laugh a lot!! All of them did but this lady in particular was the best!! I want you to write your posts quicker…. I want to know what comes next! X

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