A Perfect Link

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The Top of the Rock was calling us.

We decided to go for an early trip up the Rockefeller Centre, to embrace the sunshine filled, morning views of New York City. Before we set off, I genuinely had a right faff around a wardrobe worry. I asked poor Caroline, approximately 50 times, whether I would be able to portray the meaning behind my choice of top to the readers. You see, I had bought a Paris top to wear as a pyjama top the night before we flew to NYC. I explained to Caroline that for me this experience reminded me of the Eiffel Tower and this time we had booked – no chance of missing out! So I wore it (pics below), in a slightly ironic way, and hoping no one mistook me as being French. I’ve told you before, I’m a little limited on the language!


The views were breath-taking. I could have sat up there for hours. Except it was exceptionally hot and I was in desperate need of liquid – pronto. So after we had spent some time up there, snapping photos and trying to spot the landmarks (including our apartment block), it was time to leave a postcard and disappear.

Now, as I mentioned in my last post, I may have sobbed a bit over this message that I received from the finder….

It is a perfect link.


Hi Madam, My name is Amelie. I’m a 20 years old French woman. I found this card at the Top of the Rock and I’ve been touched by your story. Here is the picture I made (Sunny day!)


Can I have the link to follow you on Facebook please?

Thanks a lot, Amelie”

AMELIE? SERIOUSLY? From PARIS? WOW. Just WOW. I have never, in my life, met anyone named Amelie. The last time I mentioned this name was in an earlier post. The café from the Amelie film was where I left my FIRST ever postcard in Paris (that Alexandre then found). Oh crumbs. I asked a little more about my postcard finder……

“Hi Rachael, I’m a 20 years old French student in a Business School in Paris (ESSCA) and now I’m doing my internship in a young company, Lemon tri (French recycling company). I’m very eco-responsible and later I’d like to save the planet! Just kidding. I think France is very late in recycling. Whatever, I want to do as much as I can to make it change.

I live in Bussy-Saint Georges, near Disneyland, with my parents and my 17 years old brother. I do lots of sports, with my father: Running, climbing and I also love to dance [not with my father ;)]. I love hang out with my friends in Paris, lunch on the grass.  

I didn’t travel a lot; I’ve been to Egypt 4 years ago, twice to Spain and once in London! In April I’ve been 4 days to NYC with my family. I’ve always dreamed to go there!

In January, 2014, I will study for 6 months in Manille, Philippines. I look forward to be there!

Have a good day, Amelie”

It was so outrageously spooky to me that Amelie from Paris had found one of my postcards at the Top of the Rock, on the day I wore a Paris top, that I reall did wonder if someone had actually made this happen. PARANOID! Of ALL of the people in the world to visit the Top of the Rock ! It was only my exchanges of emails with Miss Amelie that made me realise that this was all very real.


I told her about how exciting the coincidences are and asked her a little more about her dancing. I then suggested somewhere for us to meet whenever I am next in Paris (which I plan to be before this year is up!)…………

Haha I can’t take away that smile in my face when I read your email!

I’ve been dancing ‘Modern Jazz’ for almost 15 years but I had to stop last year because of my studies. Now I dance in parties and clubs ;).

Wow, that’s what I call destiny!! I’ll be glad if, someday, we can meet each other in the AMELIE Café!

I’m almost certain that I will be going to Paris before the end of the year. I have new friends to meet and, well, it would be wrong if I didn’t have a crack at Project Inspire there. I feel like I have unfinished business now! I need to explore more and I need to see if I can break my record for how much coffee I can drink in one trip.
So there it is. A perfect postcard response with a perfect link.
Serendipity strikes again!
Until next time,
Au revoir x
Letters from the kids:
She sent me a further message:
“Hi Rachael , my names Jordan and I wrote you a letter that was sent to you by my English teacher at Allenbourn Middle School . 60 postcards is a inspiration to me and its made me think that I should follow my dreams in life. My dream is to go to Paris and relive the footsteps that you took around the city. And I hope to enjoy it as much as you say it is. Once again thank you for being an inspiration to me. And I’m so sorry that an amazing person has left your life. I never got to say goodbye to Mrs Chadwick but when I read my letter Infront of your Father in Mrs Chadwicks memoral garden I hope it made up for it Kind Regards Jordan x”
Jordan –
You must not worry that you didn’t get to say goodbye, my Mum was so proud of all of you Allenbourn pupils and would love those letters. My Dad told me how great you all were when you read them too!
Thank you for your wonderful and kind words xx

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4 thoughts on “A Perfect Link

  1. what an utterly perfect circle. Who knew PJs would have such an impact 😉 Thank you for including the letter too. You’re an inspiration to so so so so many people Postcard Girl, you can see where you get that from xx

  2. hello im called Mollie another Allenbourn pupil. i wrote you a letter and i hope you have got it. i am very inspired by your blog how it can ake me cry laugh and smile like Mrs Chadwhich would be (smiling). I rember her teaching me for English that’s how much it impacted on me. She would be proud of you aswell. I wish i thought of something so amazing to do when y mum died like the postcards im obviously not creative enough bearing in mind i was 6 so maybe why? i think you should be a writer and follow your dreams like she would of wanted you to. and rember she would be happy and proud of you, Mollie x

  3. Very serendipitous, lovely to see the story becoming entwined with itself. Love the way its written as well! x

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