Sun, Sea and a Sardinian Ceremony

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This is the most beautiful place that I have written from so far. The warmth of the sun is on my back, the sea breeze on my face and my feet sink into the sand as I sit on a beach in Chia, Sardinia.

My friends, Veronica and Alan, got married out here this weekend! From the ceremony in the gorgeous little Italian church, to the reception at a stunning hill-top lighthouse, the day was a delight. Our senses were spoilt. Breathtaking views from beside the infinity pool, course after course of tantalising tastes at dinner, the BBQ filled the air with the smell of summer,  a lively band played amongst excitable chatter and laughter. Oh and I can’t even explain how incredible the bride looked. She deserves a whole new adjective of her own. (Dress pic to follow in a future post!)


I feel honoured to have been invited to this occasion, and even more so since V and Al have been a huge support to me and to 60 Postcards. V and I sit next to each other at work and we can natter about nothing in some moments, and have deep and meaningfuls in others. She has always been there for me on my down days. I hope these down days keep reducing, but it still comes in waves. Maybe the tide will stay out for a bit longer each time.

Whilst sat here, I find myself staring at the sea, admiring all of the colours in it. It reminds me of my dad’s comment in Project Inspire about blossom. About not taking anything for granted in life – appreciating everything. It makes me think about my friends. It reminds me of how amazing they were when we lost Mum. They still are.

Marcus is one of my closest friends. We have had many a joke about how and when he will make an appearance on here (amongst banter of how much I have talked about coffee!). I guess as he is currently sat next to me on the beach, it is as good a time as any! Admittedly, we squabble like siblings at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing – he has been one of my rocks and I will never forget that.


As time has gone on I have appreciated more and more, how difficult it must be for the friends in the tragic times. I find that it is often the case where I don’t even know what I want from people, so how are my friends supposed to know?! Some days I want people to ask if I am ok. Some days I don’t. Some days I am desperate to talk about Mum every minute of the day. Some days I don’t. Some days I just simply want to run away. I am very lucky to have the friends that I do for being patient with this. They have been there more than I could have wished for.

This links nicely to another one of my very close friends who has been in touch! My old housemate (and fellow Paris crew member), Katie, recently embarked on an exciting move to Brasil to work out there for 2 years. She has sent me her photo and story of inspiration:

“What inspires me? Well apart from you, every time I read 60 postcards and think how lucky I am to know someone so strong.

Change. Change for something bigger, better, different. And not being scared to go for it. The protests here in my adoptive home have been amazing to witness, it really feels like a culmination of everything I’ve been hearing from all my articulate and engaged new Sao Paulo friends. At first I thought I couldn’t participate as a foreigner, but then I thought I’m proud that back home everyone can be a Londoner, so I too can be a Paulistana right? City dwellers of the world unite! I decided to make the change to come and live here, so I too need to be an active player in this crazy metropolis.


As you well know my Brazil passion was always there, but now I feel like it’s more informed, and indeed changing as I see more of this country through the eyes of its people and especially my brilliant colleagues who are telling the world about it. As me and Kezza (Kerry) always say, life is transient. The world and your perspective on it is constantly in flux, so you might as well go and seize the day, live the moment and make the change. I still ❤ SP!”

I am so glad Katie is having a wonderful time out there and feels a part of it all. I secretly hope she doesn’t want to stay there longer than 2 years. I guess that’s not much of a secret now ;). Bisous!

There we have it – an international post all round.

So please raise your glasses as I make a toast, and dedicate this post, to friendship.

Arrivederci x

Letters from the kids:


Hi Sorrel! Stew was very excited to hear about your letter! I was so excited to hear that you are Stewart’s god-daughter! It is so lovely to hear that you enjoyed having my mum as a teacher :). Thank you so much for writing to me!

Ps. This was written on beach and posted now, as wi-fi returns to my life!


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3 thoughts on “Sun, Sea and a Sardinian Ceremony

  1. I’m catching up on posts after a crazy week running around London with my sis who was visiting from Oz and this one is such a treat! Lots of love to you, Welly, the newlyweds, the bus drivers, Marcus and Sorrel! xxx

  2. Dear Rachael, I’ve been an avid reader of ’60 postcards’ since Paul (Nation) told me about it one day – actually he didn’t tell me anything apart from, ‘You must Google 60 postcards’. As I always obey my headteacher (!) I did so that evening and just fell in love with the whole concept. I’ve been meaning to write to let you know how much it means to me but, you know what it’s like, there are always so many things to do that I’ve put it off – until now! There are still a hundred and one things to do but having your read your latest ‘blog’ (I’m a bit of a fossil and don’t really understand what that is) I’m not putting off my reply any longer.

    I’ve been thrilled, excited, surprised and, most of all, moved by your writing. I’ve so many wonderful memories of your Mum, particularly during the last years when we played our regular game of golf on a Saturday morning – and a Friday evening when the light and school allowed. I’m still playing, almost as regularly, but I can honestly say that it’s not the same. I miss the chats so much and the laughter when we were sure that we hadn’t quite got the golf etiquette right and wondered who was watching. There’s not a Saturday goes by without your Mum being talked about on the golf course – there’s a group of ladies that have taken me under their wing and I play with them most weeks – they knew your Mum and so it’s easy to talk about her with them.

    I lost my Mum just over three years ago and so I can appreciate in some measure how you must feel. Memories are very precious as are all the things we learn from our mothers, and for me its these that kept me going when things were really tough. I know how proud your Mum was of you (and of Sarah and Hannah too) and she would be so thrilled about your 60 postcards – or is it now 120? I’m going to sign off now, Rachael, because I’m getting a bit emotional but I’ll be in touch again.

    Everything you’ve written tonight about friends is so true – a friend in need really is a friend indeed. We need to tell our friend this more often!

    God bless, Love, Ruth

    On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 10:02 PM, 60 postcards

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