We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday!

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Hold up! Something strange is going on. There is something in the air……oh, oh right yeh – it’s WARMTH! Get your flip-flops out, your factor 30 at the ready and put a hat on because the sun has finally decided to put his on.

I must admit, the comment that I have least enjoyed hearing this week has been, “It was actually really hot here whilst you were in Italy.” Oh well GREAT!! Haha. It’s funny isn’t it? We moan on about needing to get away for a break from the daily drag, yet on holiday we still manage to put down the book we’ve been desperate to read for months to have a quick check of the weather back home. “YES! It’s raining back there!” Pathetic aren’t we ;).

I’m sure, if I am not mistaken, that English summers used to be hot. Back in the day when getting tan lines were in. “Check out how white my watch strap mark is!”. Just. So. Cool.

I remember how excited I would get in the run up to the end of term. It was time for the 2 week family holiday. Same place, every year. There was no need to go abroad. Camping in Cornwall was just right for us.


Over the years we built a community. A little summer village, if you like. The families that we met there have become friends for life. Every year I’d look forward to hanging out with my best holiday buddy, Garry. We were thick as thieves but it still irritates me that he beat me at tennis every single time. I demand a rematch.

Everyone was just so content. We’d spend hours in the pool, playing cards, cycling around the site. No iPhones, no kindles, no games consoles. Just good old family fun.

We’d go on outings to Mevagissey (what a name!), where we would spend all of our pocket-money in the tacky seaside shops. “Do you need buy another shell?” What a ridiculous question. Of course I did. We’d go for dinner at the Rising Sun, in Port Mellon, where we’d sit and watch the waves crash over the road. Simple pleasures, haha!


Mum loved those camping trips. I can imagine us all gathered around after dinner, Dad and friend Pete keeping us entertained with their (cracking) jokes. Mum would laugh until her eyes would begin to stream. Oh she’s off. Before you knew it she was crying in hysterics! Her giggle was infectious. I miss that so much.

Our Cornish breaks were by the sea and we were lucky enough to live by the sea too. We lived in a little place called Merley, Wimborne, but Poole was only a short drive away. The sea became my therapy. I would go down to sit there when we were losing mum. At that time there was no hope of clearing my head, but it would definitely calm me a little. One of my mum’s favourite views from Evening Hill, in Sandbanks, has now become a favourite view of my own.

This next member of Team 60 Postcards knew my Mum very well indeed. We are extremely close to my lovely cousin Nicola and her gorgeous daughters, Amber and Lucy. Amber has sent her inspiration to me:

“I was in London (seeing Beyoncé – another inspiration, she is beautiful inside and definitely out) but anyway I couldn’t help myself but go in and buy my own Paris postcard from Paperchase. Couldn’t believe they had some left 😉


But anyway, people inspire me. My dance teacher inspires me with her knowledge, and pure desire to want to know everything about what she loves but no one inspires me more than my mum. She really reminds me of my Auntie Viv too. Their drive, determination and dedication (triadic list and plosive alliteration!! Yes English A level haha) inspires me hugely, plus the massive heart and kind nature sure touches more people than she or my Auntie Viv will ever know. And I want to follow in their footsteps and make an impact on as many people as they have and will.

Love you Rach, keep it up
 Amber xxxxx”

I love Amber’s response. I totally agree and especially about not knowing how much they have and are making an impression on people. (Nic – listen to your daughter!)

I wish mum knew how much of an effect she has had on so many, but even if she was still here, she wouldn’t even believe it if I told her.

I’ve got so much to cover over the next few weeks. I am not escaping the country again for a while so I will try to deliver a post as close to a Monday and a Friday of every week as possible. I appreciate your patience!

Things to come:

– Visit to Greenford High School

– Team Assist: Allenbourn Middle School

– Another NYC project that I fell in love with!

– Team 60 Postcards: It’s Over to You (Keep sending them in!)


Happy Friday to you all – enjoy the sunshine 🙂 x

Ps – Come on Andy Murray!

Letters from the kids:


Miss Caitlyn! You are right, it’s not good to bottle things up. It is difficult not to sometimes but it certainly doesn’t help. I love the way that you say ‘celebrate’ her life :). Thank you very very much!


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6 thoughts on “We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday!

  1. Those were the days! Seaview was such a special place, and we always had such great holidays there. Still remember your mum and dad’s amazing tent, we could never work out how you all fitted in there. Such good memories, and to think Andy Murray and his family camped there too!
    The Chips xx

  2. Rachel, this blog got me more than most of your others!! You reminded me of our family holidays, every year camping in Mevagissey, to the point last year with my own little family, we took a trip to the Eden project, we stopped off at our old campsite in St Austell and took a trip round Mevagissey harbour. As I sat on the harbour wall with my 2 year old, it made me think back to the amazing times we’d had 30 years ago as a family. Your mum was truly ace, and it’s great that you have these lovely memories! Xx Philippa

  3. Rach I love this post. Can’t wait to read the next one. Happy Friday and hell yeah come on Murray!

  4. Sitting in the garden reading this rach ! So many happy memories of you all! Take care love Sue x

  5. Oh, yes, that view from Evening Hill…how special is that?
    I also remember Viv and I standing looking out towards Old Harry after a walk with Y 6 pupils from Durlston. We always had to stop and ooh and aha at the ” biddy teachers'” favourite view! Now when I go there, all I can think about is the memory of those moments every school trip!

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