Birthday Brunch and a Leading Lady…

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It’s me – I’m back. Further apologies for my new-found sporadic posting style. I don’t think I even pre-warned you about this one – SURPRISE!!

Last weekend was a cracker. The main event was my housemate Beccy’s beautiful birthday brunch. We hit the Grain Store in Granary Square, Kings Cross. Yummy food, super staff and extremely naughty cocktails. I was introduced to the ‘Twinkle’ (not so little star FYI). Those naughty cocktails gave the illusion that it was slightly later in the day than it was – sneaky. Beccy’s fab family (Sue – Mum, Tony – Dad, Andrew – Bro), who have become an amazing support to me, were the secret guests. Beccy is one of my best friends who makes my house in London a real home. It was just such a happy moment to see all of her nearest and dearest there to celebrate her.

Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get more fun, yet another man on a piano steps up. His name was Nick. Now, he may be playing Sunday early arvo tunes but Becs requested something a little different. “Do you play any Beyoncé?” she asked. The best he could do was Independent Women (a Destiny’s Child classic) and the best it was. (See video on Facebook page.) He sang along – an unexpected and welcome occurrence. It was an absolute highlight of the day by far. And what I am most grateful for is that dancing to Destiny’s Child in a public place in broad daylight is no surprise to us. Life is just so darn short – why the hell not.


From one musical moment to another, I will remind you of my post about postcard finder Rita. She works behind the scenes at a Broadway show and shared an incredible story about her Grandmother. I had a fantastic response to that blog post – a finder who was also suffering a loss and sharing their story. It was so special.

When I wrote on the NYC postcard that I wanted the finder to leave the postcard for someone else to find, it turns out Rita did just that!

What a response it is…….

“Hi Rachael from London!


This is Christina from New York City. Your postcard found its way backstage at Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and into my dressing room here at the Foxwoods Theatre in Times Square! I wonder where it will end up next….”

I have no idea where it may end up next.

Christina is a Broadway Star. A REAL LIFE Broadway star. A leading lady of the musical! As I visited her site, I realised that her last show was Evita – playing along side Ricky Martin. ‘Un dos tres’ – It brings back such memories of my school discos. He was a legend, wasn’t he?

Given that I have talked so much about my passion for dance and the theatre, this yet again cements the fact that this story has naturally fallen upon a theme. From Stephanie (ballet dancer) finding a postcard whilst visiting her friend in West Side Story in Paris and now to people working and performing in a Broadway Show in NYC – I know that my Mum would absolutely love this. It would make her happy. It makes me so so happy.

The 60 Postcards Project and the amazing responses mean that my poor work girls have been subjected to a lot of postcard chat. But it has been such a lovely thing to gather around and discuss. It’s not just chat, my work team also give me all sorts of advice. They pick me up when I am down, they share thoughts and most of all – they get excited with me. I hope they know how much I adore them.

Here are two of them sharing their inspirations:

“Hey Rach,

Attached is me and my postcard in our lovely place of work ;-)!

It doesn’t take me long to know what inspires me, but given the whole reason behind your project I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of a cliché! Either way it’s the truth – my mum is my inspiration. I have never met anybody as strong as her and just hope that I can grow to be half the person she is!

I’ve watched my mum go through a brain tumour and a heart attack and lucky enough to still have her here to tell the tale. What’s more is my mum didn’t just “survive” these events, she was simply incredible throughout them – I never saw her have a down day, an angry day or a sad day. She was always upbeat and I often saw her caring for others – making sure they were ok “under the circumstances”. I don’t think I will ever fully understand how she managed it; but the number of people who stopped me in the street to ask how she was or came by the house are a testament to her personality!

So, in short, my mum inspires me to be at least half the person she is.




“Hi Rach!

Here is me and my London postcard…as this is my first year living in London.


I can’t pinpoint one person who inspires me as I am lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of amazing people. I get inspiration from them all as well as complete strangers who are brave or kind or change the world in their own little way.

My main inspiration in life is my dreams, what I want to achieve, what I hope to achieve or even dreams of the perfect shoes, the perfect date or the perfect holiday…these hopes and ambitions are what drives me in life.

And lastly anything that makes me smile :).

Lots of love

Charlotte xxx

Thank you ladies – let’s have a gass about this later :).

You may remember my post about the Sardinian wedding. Veronica is my next-door desk neighbour and gets the brunt of my 60 Postcard ramblings. Boy – does she deliver the goods. My sound board, my shoulder to cry on and she has ideas a-plenty.

I made a mistake when I said that all of these people were work friends. Forget the ‘work’ bit – they are true friends.

By the way – Veronica tells me (and now you) that we are in for 29 degrees today – do NOT wear a coat on the tube.

Whether you see a show, a musical, a gig or you just chill out with your friends/family/partner – have a great week.

Speak to you soon,

Postcard obsessive and believer in daytime dancing,

Rachael xx

Letter from the kids:


Hey Connor! Yes, I didn’t want to keep my thoughts bottled up, which is why I started this blog. I was a bit scared but now I have heard from so many people who have related to it – I think it was worth it. I hope the new term at school goes well! Rachael :).

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  1. Rachael, I’ve just spent an excellent evening catching up with your dad, during which he mentioned 60 Postcards. What an incredible way to commemorate your wonderful mum! Truly inspirational and a fantastic way to draw people together. Good luck with it all! Damian

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