Milestone Mania


Hi, it’s me again.

I had a wonderful response to the last post from the London Loveiosa gang and rightly so – what an inspirational bunch!

Well, what a couple of weeks (and months) it has been, and the fun is far from over. It has been milestone mania!


Milestone 1 – I had my first ice skate and mulled wine of the winter on Monday at Somerset House. It really doesn’t feel like tis the season to be jolly, until you are slipping around like Bambi with red stained teeth.

Milestone 2 – Ah the celebration of the year of my birth. It was a considerably large one, due to the fact that I hit somewhere in between twenty-one and forty years of age. (This is where you say, “No way – she can’t be.” Hey – crows feet and grey hair, or stress highlights as I like to call them, are all the rage.)

I had a shaky start, which is a given for all future Birthdays (any milestones, really) – knowing that there is a certain someone not here to share it with me. (Where is the card with the handwriting I know so well? Extremely sad face). I went down to the kitchen to be welcomed by a breakfast and coffee from housemate Beccy,  who was baking me a cake – what an absolute star.

I hadn’t had time, at this point, to sort out my outfit (classic me), and I made a dash to Angel to pick up the dress from Reiss that I had been eyeing up for the past week or so. I bought it (ignoring the money flying out of my bank account), ran (walked slowly) home, packed my overnight bag and headed straight for the Grange Holborn Hotel. I was so happy to be greeted by my Dad, two sisters and my brother in-law. I’ve missed those guys like crazy, even though it had only been a matter of weeks since I last saw their faces.

We shared a bottle of champers (whilst putting on some Made in Chelsea-esque accents), checked into our hotel rooms and chilled until my party in the Skybar on the roof. I had a few drinks, laughed and joked with my favourite people and, of course, it wouldn’t have been right without a postcard task involved. I asked people to write either words or a story that only I would understand and I have been giggling away at the messages – a collection of memories I can keep for life.

But the best thing about this thirtieth (who said that?), was that no matter how tough it was, I have the best gift imaginable with 60 Postcards on its way. Which brings me to my next point…..

Milestone 3 –  The first draft of my book has been submitted (which unsurprisingly, I think is simply not good enough), but at least the first step is complete. This past two months have really put my head and heart to the test – more than I could have imagined.

imageI have written all over the place (mainly Parisian and Laandan coffee shops), but for my last few days before I sent through the work – in a last-minute urge to escape the distractions of the City – I headed to my Godmother’s in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent. There, I was able stay in their cute and cosy caravan (which became known as the ‘Tunstall Tardis’) to write in my own little bubble. It was just what I needed. Aunty Tink (who is not my Aunty and was not Christened Tink!) and her family were just incredible. Tink is one of my Mum’s best friends and her gang have been such a wonderful support to me. Two of her children, Michael and Morwenna, were there and helped out by bringing me regular teas and supplies to keep me going. What a bloody kind family – they are certainly family to me and I love that I will always remember that time with them, during this challenge of publishing a book.

So, during this past few weeks of writing I have cried into my keyboard and I have laughed so hard it hurt. I  have experienced one panic attack, been a drama queen a few times and even thought about jacking it all in and running away to mexico – especially after I was mugged of my laptop, literally whilst writing.

But, and it’s a big ‘but’, I have been utterly content through doing what I love.

The funniest moment, which I am reminded of every time my ankle twinges, was when I hadn’t realised just how awkwardly I had been sat whilst working one quiet evening. I got up, noticed that my right leg was in fact dead, stacked it and then smacked my head on the wardrobe. Still chuckling about that one.

Next stage for the book is the second edit, some articles for book magazines, sorting the photos for the middle section, a few marketing and publicity chats and I’ve got to say – I am flipping excited. Waaah!

Finally, I am pleased to attach a (faded-and-not-very-clear-but-you-get-the-gist) photo of the final full cover of the book.


With a rush to get the cover signed off, I had to send my author photo for the back sleeve. In a frantic glance at any shots of myself, I found there were very few that did not include either a silly face or a vino in hand – not ideal.

There was only one thing for it. Oh this is definitely something to tell the Grandchildren.

“Granny, how was that old photo taken?”

“With something called an iPhone – it’s a selfie.”

Oh lord – I’m not even kidding. (Thank goodness I have long arms.) I wonder if I should contact the Guinness Book of World Records? Because I am certain no one has been stupid enough to do that on the cover of their book – apart from me. Please can this be our little secret – thanks.

Have a festive-filled weekend all.

Love as always,

Rachael xxx

Ps Happy Anniversary to the Paris Crew – one year today we were embarking on our adventure where it all began……xx

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2 thoughts on “Milestone Mania

  1. Happiest of birthdays Rachael, from one 30yr young to another! Awesome that in this special year you can tick off writing a book on the things one should do before turning 30 🙂

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