#Team 60 Postcards

Well hello there!

The publication date for 60 Postcards is not far away now. AT ALL. One week tomorrow and it will be out for the world to see (oh and erm, read – obviously)! Thursday 27th February will be one crazy day.

Now, I am going to keep this post short and snappy. Who sighed with relief? I can see you. (I can’t). With excitement growing for the impending release, I could think of nothing better than to ask you lovely people to get involved and to help spread the word far and wide!

How? This is how – by answering just one question and sharing your answer…….

If you had only ONE postcard left in the WORLD, who would YOU send it to? 

The idea is to hit the twittersphere. Just tweet a photo of you holding a postcard with your response to me @60Postcards and use the hashtag #Team60Postcards.

The hashtag part is an important one. You are already members of Team 60 Postcards by reading this (and hopefully the book, wink wink) BUT it would be incredible if you could share this and get others involved – your mates, work colleagues, even your gran? (If your gran is on twitter then PLEASE get her to do it!)

Look how easy it is……………….


@60postcards – I would send the last one to my Dad (my hero!) #Team60Postcards

There I am stood in the same position as my selfie book cover photo (still shameless).

Now don’t panic if you aren’t on twitter! Non-tweeters can post yours on the 60 Postcards Facebook page!

To add to the fun, I will make sure I pick some crackers from both twitter and FB to include in my next blog post later this week.

So as soon as you have finished reading this, get thinking! If you had only ONE postcard left in the WORLD, who would YOU send it to? Then tweet, tweet, tweet away!

Speak to you soon, Team!

Rachael xxx

PS – Psst….a little hint – 4 features on 60 Postcards in papers and magazines will be out in the next couple of weeks. I will let you know when they are about to hit the shelves or the online world! Keep checking Facebook and twitter for updates (if you aren’t too busy taking postcard selfies).

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🔸Author - 60 Postcards, Agent - Bell Lomax Moreton 🔸Co-Director @actionforsama 🔸Media + Comms @thepositivebirthcompany 🔹Dorset + LDN

One thought on “#Team 60 Postcards

  1. Dear Rachael,

    Thank you

    I think you know my son Mat and when he posted he had purchased your book, that made me curious for many reasons. School, Dorset, Your story and a personal realisation that when I lost my Mum at 33 was the day we had purchased a house in Poole, that my world had completely changed. So I downloaded your book on Kindle and finally read the book until 2 am this morning,

    I only wish I had the same relationship with my mum that you did, we found our peace in the last year of her life…she was 60, teacher and about to embark on years of retirement back in Ireland. That dreaded phonecall!

    I am just happy that with all your energy and support of family and friends you made this happen…..amazing….when i read the book I laughed, I cried , I remembered and I felt!

    I took the boys back 20yrs later to remember their Nana and visit the grave….we did the best thing …mess around on the beach near the house in Ireland…..their memories!

    Good luck with your new career as a writer,

    I made my journey later in life and have been teaching in Vienna and now Monza near Milan…so if you want to expand your postcard team…..there will always be a welcome for you here.

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