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Ok so here we are – under two days (probably one by the time you read this!) and the book will be out there. It seems like it was only yesterday that I began to write the first chapter, ‘Once upon a time….’. I jest – it doesn’t start like that. Far too original. Actually, I think when I started the book, I wrote some of the last chapter before anything else. Welllll, I always knew I was a bit backwards. Ha.

‘How are you feeling?’ many people are asking me. Now, I’ve always been honest with you and I promise that will never change. I feel quite sick with nerves (I can’t seem to pin down why). I am excited to see it on book shelves but, ultimately, I am extremely sad that I can’t pick up the phone to Mum or give her a hug and tell her what is happening. Especially because it is all for her. Still, as the family keep reminding me – I must keep on the positive path. They are absolutely right – the show must go on.

As you know, we have kicked off the latest project, #Team60Postcards which I launched in my last blog post. I have been moved, inspired and hugely entertained by some of the incredible responses received. I did say that I would select a few to put on here……


Given the amount of great ones, I have actually gone a step further and created a page of its own on the website which you can check out here and I will continue to update it as more come in. Please keep spreading the word!

The Collaboration with PS Print Studio

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I have made a few hints, previously, about a secret project. Guess what it is about? Errrrr – postcards! SHOCKER. Remember I told you about PS Postcards in a previous post? Well the ever-developing, exciting app company are now called PS Print Studio and we are joining forces to do something a little different, but very apt indeed. It was through the power of twitter that we crossed paths – a simple tweet about coffee of all things! But then it didn’t take long from email exchanges and meeting in person to realise that we shared a strong passion for communicating with people – especially through postcards.

So – how will the collaboration work?

“An end-page in the back of the book encourages the reader to redeem a free code using the Ps Print Studio app, whereby they can digitally choose from one of many specially designed, 60 Postcard-branded postcards, to be physically sent to someone special. “

A free postcard for the book reader? Perfect!

Here are three of the nine designs that you will see on the app:


I am super excited that Simon and Schuster and PS Print Studio have created this idea and I am so proud to see 60 Postcards as part of their gallery.

Download the app here and have a look at what it’s all about. (You can follow them on twitter, too) Disclaimer: by the time you finish the book you will be addicted! So much fun!

I guess the next time we speak will be after the publication date. So, so strange! I really hope you enjoy the book and I also hope you blog readers realise how big a part you played in this all happening. I haven’t forgotten you in the acknowledgements ;).

A whole lot of love,

Rachael xxx

PS 60 Postcards mentions to look out for in the next two weeks:

  • Foyles blog
  • Daily Mail (Femail)
  • Guardian Family
  • Woman’s Own
  • Glamour

I will make sure to update FB and Twitter as things comes out….

Launch drinks:

6th March – Wimborne, Dorset – Gullivers Book shop (open event) Allenbourn staff, parents and students – 6-6.30pm. Everyone else from 6.30pm!

13th March – King Cross Renaissance (private event)

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15 thoughts on “2 DAYS TO GO & PS PRINT STUDIO!

  1. My sister has given me the book to read before her. To check if she can read it and whether she can cope. She shared a post on Facebook and the next day the book arrived on her doorstep from a very good friend. I am half way through and I had to contact you because reading this is like a mirror image of myself and my family. It is so alike it is scary. We too lost our mum on 18th June 2011.47 days from diagnosis to the end. Bile duct/ pancreatic cancer that spread and ravaged with such venom. My mum was diagnosed on 3rd May and turned 58 the day before. I am the eldest of three, I too lived in London at the time she became unwell and did the whole travelling thing back and forth from swindon (hometown) to London I too am the crazy one in my family and clumsy ( broke my toe the other week!!!, second time I’ve done that), my brother ( the youngest) had a wedding arranged for the October in Cyprus and we had to endure that without her. We did the race for life the year after she was taken from us. Your story mirrors mine. I am at a loss as to what to say, save for you are inspiring me. I cried when I started reading the book and it was so painful but comforting at the same time. I am nearly three years in and I feel the same as I did then, apart from probably even angrier. I struggle and try to put on a brave front. Luckily for me I had a child when my mum was taken and now I have another one and they keep me sane and keep me alive. I don’t know you and I don’t know your mum but she would be very proud of you and what you have achieved. Your behaviour is touching people all over the world. You have made me self analyse a lot of my thoughts and more importantly my thoughts on how to move on and what to do to try and move on. At the time I thought of writing my thoughts down and now I have decided that I will. It may or may not help but it is because if your book that I have started this thought process. I am looking forward to reading the remainder of the book. I verge from angry to sad and feel very lonely, despite family. I adored my mum and cannot accept that I will never see her, touch her or hear her voice again for as long as I continue to live. My heart had been broken in two and it will never be mended. The book shows that the human spirit is a wonderful thing and people will reach out to each other in the most unusual ways. Strangers connected by empathy or by a similar experience. Whatever it is, it is a force for good. I wish you every success and would have loved to have had someone like you in my life at its lowest point. A real inspiration. Best wishes with everything that you do in the future, I wish you good luck, good health, happiness, success but most of all I wish you peace within your heart.

  2. Hi Rachel, I’ve just read your interview on Glamour.
    You’re lovely and so inspirational! Maybe your story will help a friend of mine suffering from a loss.
    I know another beautiful project that involves postcards, have you ever heard about Postsecrets? Check it out 🙂
    Wish you all the best, Silvia

  3. Chadders,

    I saw your article in the Guardian, what a fantastic achievement. This is brilliant Rachael. Have a wonderful evening at the launch in Wimborne. Viv would have loved all this!

    When you get a chance come and see the developments at Victoria Education Centre.

    I wish you the very best.

    Simon (Mr. B to you!)

  4. Hi Rachael, I have just read an article about the tribute you paid to your through 60 postcards, I was very moved as I lost my mum very suddenly when she had a heart attack, my world changed from that day and has never been the same. Also I found it very difficult to talk about the loss and as you mention in your article it is a taboo subject, it has taken me a long time to speak about my mum freely without overwhelming grief and look forward to buying your book and hopefully this will take you to another exciting chapter in your life, good luck xx

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