60 Postcards: Video Blog Special

Well, that was weird.  Oh dear – apologies. If there were awards for how cringe-worthy a video could be….I would, quite clearly, be in the running. I think it is safe to say that videos will only appear here and there from now on – back to the writing it will be for me….

Crikey – the last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. My heart skips a beat (or three) every time I see 60 Postcards in a book shop. Utterly bonkers. What an incredible experience, and especially interesting to see how the publicity side of things works. Hiding postcards around the BBC studios with publicist, Helen, was a highlight for sure. I just wonder if/when I am going to get in trouble for it. Sounds like a challenge ;).

A serious worry of mine since writing the book was being all too aware that I was going to be repeating myself – talking about the time Mum died – over and over again. But, I have realised through so many personal messages received from others, that it really is so important that I continue to share. It seems to open up the floor for people to speak about their own experiences and I’m glad about that. Please keep sending them.

Publication day was a great day. A very surreal day, but a great day. I took lots of photos and made a few videos to remember it and will share a few of them below:

Seeing the book for the first time in Foyles (I was a little excited)…


Working on the (very bad) signature…

Meet the PS Print Studio crew – visit this page to find out how they are involved!


Book launch #1 – Gullivers Bookshop, Dorset


Book launch #2 – St Pancras Renaissance Hotel featuring a special guest…


A message from some special members of Team 60 Postcards….

I am not going to talk too much about the postcard finder that was at my book launch and the ones on the video above for now, just in case you are yet to read the book!!!

What is next for 60 Postcards?

After wondering which of the millions of different directions to take 60 Postcards in, I now have a five-year plan (which I am secretly – or not so – hoping to achieve within less than that). While that kicks into motion behind the scenes, I wanted to share with you a few ways to get involved in Team 60 Postcards right now!

Personal Projects – I recently heard from some girls who went off to Barcelona to scatter postcards in memory of a lost loved one. I would love to hear from anyone who decides to give postcard scattering a go but it doesn’t have to be all about postcards – please let me know of any other projects you are up to. I will try my best to mention as many on the blog as possible.

Schools – After receiving interest from teachers, regarding doing something 60 Postcards related for students, I have decided to put together a short guide of ideas for postcard projects in schools. If you are interested in receiving one, please email me at 60postcards@gmail.com. These will be available from Friday 21st March!

#Team60Postcards – Don’t forget that you can be part of Team 60 Postcards simply by tweeting a photo of yourself holding a postcard to @60postcards with your answer to the following question: If you only had one postcard left in the world, who would you send it to?

Blog/Book Reader Meet – I would like to organise a meet (depending on interest). It would most likely be in central London for an hour or two on a weekend. There we can discuss whatever you like; losing loved ones, blogging, book writing or we can just have a general natter about nothing! Please vote below if you are interested.

That is all from me for now. A very different post today, but one I have been keen to do – especially as it has now been a year since the blog began! All that is left to say is that I am just off to buy new jeans as I ripped mine yesterday. Some things will never change. Clumsiness is clearly something that will be with me forever. *Sigh*.

Have a great week (and don’t forget to grab a copy of Stylist today if you haven’t already)!

Speak soon,

Rach xxx

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5 thoughts on “60 Postcards: Video Blog Special

  1. Enjoying your fantastic journey i am a Cruse Bereavement volunteer counsellor and supervisor and told the story so far to one if my groups (60% read) they were enthralled and can’t wait until update on THursday they would live to hear a feed back from you Jenny

  2. Loving this blog rach. Well done book is amazing by the way. Can’t out it down xxx

  3. Wonderful, so inspiring! My daughters were very very fond of your mum, having gone skiing with her while at Allenbourne. I will be popping to Gullivers to buy your book for definite. Huge congratulations on your ongoing success. Happy to design postcards for the express purpose of squirrelling them away in memory of loved ones. If you’re interested please get in touch! Keep up the incredible work.
    Kyleigh, Wimborne x

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