The First 60 Postcards London Meet Up

(If this is your first visit to the site, my guest post for SkyLightRain summarises my 60 Postcards story.)


Did you feel it, did you feel it? HEAT, SUNSHINE and, for me, the sudden realisation that the ghost-like shade of my legs may well have hurt people’s eyes more than the sun actually did. It really was gorgeous on Monday. Yesterday was a little more confusing – less sun but the same amount of stickiness. Hey – it makes a fab change from the miserable state we have become accustomed to. And I know the rain is now on its way, but I’m going to make a stand and wear flip-flops all week anyway. RAIN ON ME.

Oh god, am I talking about the weather? This is getting a little like awkward lift chat. But what I am (eventually) trying to get to, is about my observations of life as a freelancer – a very new experience for me.

One thing that really hit home on Monday was how lucky I felt to be freelance, so that I could bask in the momentary rays. It was counterproductive though as, after looking forward to writing outside, I noticed my laptop getting so hot I thought it may blow, I couldn’t see the screen and I was way too warm to concentrate. So, all in all, it certainly wasn’t as fun as I had hoped it would be.

Here are some other freelancer pros and cons that I have noticed so far…..

  • Pro – You don’t have anyone telling you what to do – you are responsible for your workload.
  • Con – You don’t have anyone telling you what to do, therefore you have to dig deep and be extremely self-motivated.
  • Pro – You get your own space to get your head down and work with very little distraction.
  • Con – You find yourself missing the buzz of working with and around other people. I sometimes break in to song (in my head), ‘Alllll byyyyy myyysseeeellllffff’. 
  • Pro – You have the opportunity to save some pennies by making your own lunch and escape the temptation of the restaurants around the office.
  • Con – You often cannot be bothered to do that so spend all of your money on yummy coffee and food wherever you work. Oops.
  • Pro – You can choose which jobs/contracts you go for.
  • Con – Sometimes you don’t have an income at all which is VERY scary. But who needs money coming in when you can spend…..oh wait.
  • Pro – You can work the hours that suit you. Of course, that does sometimes mean you can get up at 10pm and work later – but it will eat into your social time and if you’ve just spent the whole day on your own……’Alllll byyyyyy….’
  • Con – No matter how many hours of hard work you put in, some people will joke that you do nothing and are on a full time holiday. Which is kinda funny(ish) for the first three times.
  • BIGGEST CON – TAX. Urgh.

I wonder what I will think about freelancing in a few months? (Depends on whether I have to declare myself bankrupt I suppose haha!)


Finally a 60 Postcards meet up in London is in place!!

60 Postcards Meet Up Invite

So, the meet will be in Canal Bar 125 on the top floor (access by stairs only) on Weds 11th June 2014. 

I want it to be a relaxed, informal vibe. There is no charge for entry and there is a bar where you can buy drinks (or food if you wish)! We have the room for the whole evening from 6.30pm and I will be doing a talk at 7pm where I will introduce myself and chat a little about my postcard journey. You can all have a laugh at me as I will no doubt be bright red and nervous as hell.

After I speak we can have drinks and mingle. I would love to speak to everyone who comes along so will stay as long as needed. I thought this would be a fab opportunity for you to tell me about yourselves and also for me to see what you guys would want from future meet ups. I have lots of ideas that I would like to run by you!


If you have the book and would like me to write in it then please bring it along (although be warned – my signature is not the snazziest)! 60 Postcards books can be there to buy but only if there is enough demand. Perhaps you’d like to buy one to be signed as a gift for someone? There is a section for letting me know on the attendance form!

I would love this to be a completely open event but due to capacity in the room it will have to be first come, first serve. If you want to come with some friends I reckon whack all names on one form! I will respond to your email to let you know whether you have a place or not and will notify people by posting on Facebook/Twitter and on the blog when all spaces have been filled so please do check so I’m not wasting your time :).


I so excited (and a tiny bit nervous) for this event and look forward it to being the first of many meet ups.

Next post is coming very soon this time – speak to you on Friday.

Now where is that umbrella…….

R xxx





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