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If this is your first visit to the site, my guest post for SkyLightRain summarises my 60 Postcards story so far. 

Find out more about the book here.

Hey there,

meetupLast night I attended a meet up. I’d never been to one before. I did that thing – you know that oh-no-I’m-on-my-own thing – where you make yourself a coffee and stand awkwardly at the side of the room, staring at your phone (I had no new messages but decided to re-read some older ones. Classic). You glance up from your phone and try to catch someone’s eye – hoping to make a friendly companion before it’s too late and you are a complete Larry loner.

Turns out, there was nothing to worry about – within minutes I was nattering to two lovely ladies and, before long, even more. What kind of meet up was it? (There are so many – check out The one I attended was a women’s entrepreneurial network group. Do I have a business? Well, no. But I may do one day. And as I explained in a recent post about how the freelance life can be a little lonely – I wanted to make new contacts and there was a guest speaker I was interested in seeing. Sarah Arrow is one of the UK’s top bloggers and delivered a great talk on the do’s, the don’ts and some very handy tips.

Although I have been blogging for 14 months now, I will hold my hands up and say that, due to the book deal flying in from left field, I let things drop a bit. Now I am back, I am really having to think about the direction of 60 Postcards. The closest category I can find for my blog is lifestyle. I feel that with a beauty, food or a travel blog, you know exactly what you are getting. With mine it is so difficult to explain – what started as a postcard tribute in memory of Mum has grown into something far larger than I expected and there is a danger of it going way off the tracks. Today I am bringing it back with something that I believe will help me as the writer and you as the reader for future posts.


VALUES: Create. Share. Inspire.


60 Postcards is about using a creative tribute as a different way to attempt to tackle the grief of losing a loved one, born from the idea of scattering postcards around the cities of Paris and New York City in memory of a wonderful mother, asking the finder to get in touch. The project is also exploring and sharing stories of individuals, companies and causes where difficult experiences have inspired a positive outcome.


TUESDAY: I will post about what I am up to – about writing, reactions to the book, reader messages, my work experience, jobs and (of course!) a follow-up on the postcard story. I am planning a very exciting trip to NYC for later in the year!

FRIDAY: On a Friday I will publish a post about an inspirational person or project. Something positive to kick off the weekend!

Even just writing this out has cleared my head. I am back on track and this plan of action will kick in from Tuesday 3rd June, next week.

Books undergtound

10365376_10152409573510873_5829315734285638555_oI am so, so, so excited to announce that 10 copies of 60 Postcards have been sent to Books on the Underground by my publisher. What is it all about? Exactly what it says! The 10 copies will have a sticker on them and will be scattered on the underground on different tube lines. The idea is that people are encouraged to pick it up, have a read, hopefully send a tweet or FB message of where it is found or left and then put it back underground when they are done. Keep your eyes peeled from this evening onwards! Follow Books Underground: Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter.

So, regular blogging resumes next week. Speak to you on Tuesday :).

Enjoy the short week!

Rachael xx


A 60 Postcards meet up will be held at Canal Bar in Kings Cross on Weds 11th June from 6.30pm. To find out more please read this post.

There are still some spaces available so please fill out the following form if you would like to join:


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One thought on “Regular Blogging & Books Underground

  1. Hi Rachel

    Very quick message to say I will be happy to put positive feedback on Amazon ref. your book 60 Postcards; I a quite busy this week working full time and have 9 yr old twins so may not get to it for a few days but will definitely do so…………..

    I messaged you on Facebook, as i found your book and project inspirational – my daughter attended Allenbourn few years ago when your mum was there – she was a lovely lady and clearly dedicated to her teaching. Also i feel connected toyou in other ways – we live in Merley, I lived in both London and Paris – yes Paris! \i lived there for 4 years from when I was 18, many years ago………….

    All the best to you and your family, Rachel.

    Sally Andrews

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