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bookinFoylesHi guys,

Hope you are good. My sleep pattern has taken a strange turn, leaving me with too few hours of it and a slight confusion as to what day it is – but I worked it out (phew) and here is my weekly post about 60 Postcards (apologies for publishing it so late)…

I am going to give you an insight into the book. I have found, on numerous occasions, that some people wonder if the book is simply made up of posts from my blog. It is a difficult one to explain. Of course, the postcard storyline is told in the book and I definitely used my previous posts as a guide and to reference from, however, the book is a stand alone piece.

I asked friends, Caroline and Luke, about their thoughts on the matter – I was interested in an outsider’s perspective from people who had both followed the blog and read the book. It seems that there are a few main differences that we were unanimous on:

Detail: Obviously the detail aspect is one of them. My blog posts are short, snappy and I focus more on the content than writing them perfectly. The book goes into far more detail about the places I go, the people I meet and how I am feeling.

Narrative: The blog, especially recently, is a lot more like a quick snapshot and is only available to read twice a week. The benefit of that is that posts can be read on their own – you can find out about the guys who created Gandy’s Flip Flops without necessarily needing to know what else I have been talking about. The book has a start, a middle, an end and a whole lot of chat from me in between. More on that soon in a chapter breakdown!

Trust: This is the strongest difference from blog to book. I have always been honest on my blog and will remain to do so, but the book goes a lot deeper. When Caroline and I were discussing this she said, ‘It’s like the book is the gateway’ to which I replied, ‘And the book is my home’. We then laughed a lot as we must have sounded very poetic (and a wee bit mental) to the people walking past. We went a lot further with the analogy but realised after a couple of pints, we should probably leave it as above, ha. It really is true, though. I don’t think, even when I began to write the book, that I knew how much I would tell the reader. I have put my trust in them – I don’t hold back.

I thought it would be good to give you a very brief chapter summary. If you haven’t read the book then this can give you an idea of what to expect and for those who have read it, I am putting a link or photo at the end of each one for you – something only you would understand (some are tiny – you may have to glance back through to see the reference)!

60 Postcards Chapter Breakdown:

1. Le Voyage

You join me for the journey to Paris for the trip where it all began. I introduce the Paris Crew (the friends who came along) and I set the scene for the tribute weekend.

Book readers only:  RECOGNISE THIS PLACE?

2. Never Forget

We flashback to when I first found out Mum was ill and I talk about my trips home to the family and the Christmas before Mum’s diagnosis. I share a couple of bonding moments that I had with her. And there is a good reason for why I called this chapter, ‘Never Forget’.

Book readers only: 


3. Sixteen Days

Sixteen days was the time between the day my mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer, to the day that we lost her. This was a point where I went into more detail than I thought I would. Understandably a tough one for those who have lost to read and a chapter that broke my heart to write, but I felt it was important to share with the reader.

Book readers only: I am not going to put anything extra here and I know you will understand why. 

4. Life as we (Don’t) Know it

Here I talk about the funeral and attempting to go back to work and life after it. I give a little insight into my take on other people’s reactions to someone who has lost (which I still remind people, were mere observations and never a judgement!).

Book readers only: 


5. My Little Sister’s Wedding

The clue is in the title here. This is where things begin to lift and I share some comical moments of my sister’s magical day. I then go on to talk about a few other events throughout the year, leading up to the tribute weekend in Paris.

Book readers only:


6. The Tribute

This is a short chapter outlining the reasons behind the very title of the book. I describe how and why I came up with scattering 60 Postcards around Paris in memory of Mum.

Book readers only:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 19.00.21

7. The City of Love

We are in Paris and I take the reader around the city with me as I describe our weekend adventure, leaving postcards as we go (and eating and drinking a hell of a lot of cheese and wine along the way).

Book readers only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXQViqx6GMY

8. Paris Postcard Found!

Well if you were going to read the book to see if I did hear back from anyone, this is a bit of a spoiler alert – wayhey! (It’s ok as the blurb and press mentions do let you know!) I share some of the exciting messages sent by postcard finders with you, and how the tribute became something which connected me with people around the world.

Book readers only: cirque

9. The Dancer

This chapter is dedicated to just one of my postcard finders – a very special response for me as it linked to my bond with mum and my childhood passion.

Book readers only: gotodance

10. Sharing the Magic

The blog was the very reason this book was picked up and I wanted to tell the book readers about how and why I set it up along with some of the incredible comments and messages I received along the way. This chapter is where some of the blog readers that have been following from the very beginning feature (hi guys!!!).

Book readers only: 


11. The Running Couple and Game, Set, Love Match

Here I introduce yet another postcard finder response and I found that the finders and great links with my favourite couple, Mum and Dad. I go back to a few childhood stories and talk about the strength of my parents relationship which I will I forever be in awe of.

Book readers only: A tiny reference (one that I am still, to this very day, teased about)


12. Serendipity

This chapter leads me to another city around the world thanks to one of my postcard finders from Paris. While there, I scatter more postcards in the new city and embrace being a Brit abroad. Serendipity strikes as links are made that I never thought possible….

Book readers only: This girl plays a part in the magic….


13. The Return

You are back in Paris with me again, as I go it alone for ten days out there to explore the city once more. My best friend, Caroline, comes out for a few days and we have the most incredible experience, meeting several new characters while there.

Book readers only: Dinner with Caroline, Emily, Stuart and Jack – only you will know how they fit into the story! 


14. The Show Must Go On 

This is my summary chapter, reflecting on the tribute and how I am feeling about Mum. I also talk about a couple of surprise messages and finish things off by sharing a conversation with Mum I will never forget.

Book readers only: There is a link made from this bridge….


So there we have it – one very brief description of the book! But I hope it gives you an idea of what to expect. And to those who have already read it, thank you so much.

Speak to you Friday!


Rachael xx

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