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Afternoon all,

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

I feel honoured to have been invited as guest speaker at the year eleven and thirteen awards evenings for Thomas Hardye’s School (Dorset) earlier this week. As nerve-wracking as it was to stand up in front of so many, I felt proud to be able to share my story and to have the opportunity to wish the students the best of the luck for their bright futures ahead of them. During my speech, one thing that I made sure to mention (amongst postcards, blogging and book writing) was my observation about death still being a taboo topic.

Andrew Salter got icheckonetwon touch with me this week to ask if I would be interested in getting involved in a new campaign tackling another taboo. As I sat down to read all about the idea, I knew instantly that I wanted to be part of helping to spread the word and so this ‘Inspiration Friday’ (coined by Jennifer Young of Beauty Despite Cancer) post, is the perfect place to introduce 60 Postcards readers to it.

Andrew and his brother, Simon, founded Check One Two in 2012 – a project set up after the discovery that men are still dying from testicular cancer despite the fact that it is one of the most preventable forms. If it is caught early, it is 100% curable. And why is it still a problem? The Salter brothers explain, ‘being blokes we are all a bit too laid back to keep a check on our love grenades…’

You can see how that would happen, the laid back approach. I mean, talking about ‘testicles’, ‘balls’, ‘bollocks’ can be embarrassing. You might even be cringing now or giggling awkwardly as you read this. That is totally natural. But what Check One Two is providing is the information needed with the support of a growing number of A-List celebs and using a whole lot of humour to assist. No more cringing – now you can laugh out loud.

I have spoken about the power of social media for raising awareness of important causes before and these guys are taking it to the next level. Check One Two are using a socialthon (including tweets, vine videos, instagram pics, Facebook posts and YouTube uploads) to get the message spreading as far as possible and all with the hashtag, #feelingnuts. Pure genius.



As you can see from the pic above, some of our most loved comedians are getting on board. Check out this ‘Knacktorial’ YouTube video featuring a few below….

So how can we help? 

This campaign is all about the message. There is no fundraising involved, just a real drive to get people talking about it more openly and let the ripple effect do its work through, ‘funny, grabbing and pant dropping ways’. So get some jokes on the go then tweet and Facebook away (always with the hashtag #feelingnuts). Some of the vines being sent in are brilliant so be warned friends, when I next see you I may be recruiting you in a few films directed by moi!

Don’t be shy – grow a pair, check them, then spread the word. And yes, I know that most of you reading are women! But it is vitally important for us to understand, to be educated and to use our social media power to help this movement become a magnificent force, too. And for me personally, it has reminded me to highlight men’s issues more on my blog. We all know that cancer is the devil and if we have the opportunity to work together in helping to prevent it and to save lives then its a no brainer – I’m in.

(Please note, I actually almost checked myself after I was handed a Starbucks cup with, ‘Richard’ written on it. Again. Oh dear.)

Speak to you next week,

Richard Rachael xxx




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