My Favourite Spaces to Write in the Area of N1

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As I said in my post, 25 Things That Any Writer Will Understand, writing is not an easy task and a big factor in determining whether you are able to get in the zone, is the environment you work in. I have touched on this before. I think I even said that I enjoyed having buzz and a bit of noise around me. But there is a fine line between ‘buzz and a bit of noise’ and hearing every single thing the people next to you are saying or trying to focus when there is music blasting out.

As I live in N1 and find myself working in the area a lot, I thought I would share a few of my faves with you (you may recognise a couple from previous ramblings!).



Based in Granary Square, this delightful establishment is situated in what was once an old grain store. Many hours of writing have taken place here by myself where I sit to work at the large wooden table at the back enjoying the aromas of the freshly roasted coffee. Students from Central St Martins drop in and out and I enjoy the atmosphere in there. There are always smiles on that shared table, often as we take it in turns to use the socket to charge our laptops. The menu is a wonder, also.

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kingsplaceKings Place

The Rotunda cafe in Kings Place backs onto Regents canal and is the perfect spot on a sunny day. The only problemo of some writing time here is that you can’t get wi-fi. But then perhaps that is sometimes a good thing? I think that is something I should do a lot more – turn the phone off and give my Facebook and Twitter scrolling a rest for a while. Because there is so much going on in the way of arts and music here, it is sometimes best to go for a morning coffee to miss the crowds.

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10526088_10152516482005873_7070674579996284910_nEuphorium Bakery 

I thought this bakery/cafe was small until I stepped into it for the first time. Loads of space, plenty of tables and there is even a room right at the bottom with some comfy sofas for a chill. The staff are super friendly and you don’t feel bad for settling in there for a few hours. Coffees are large and delicious and I always make sure I have a few to make up for the free use of the wi-fi. Tricky to avoid the temptation of the danish, though.

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10544352_10152516481905873_4568021701487655560_n  Coffee Works Project 

This is a gem of a cafe on the Camden Passage in Angel. It’s trés trendy with school chairs, tables and benches galore for you to work on. Every time I have been I have seen a mixture of people hanging out, doing laptop work or studying away, and it feels immediately comfortable to get cracking (sometimes I find you have to get a feel for a place first before the Mac makes an appearance). The garden out the back is my favourite bit – you seem a million miles from the hustle of the London crowds. Oh and the coffee here is top-notch. Yum.

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10488056_10152516482525873_52777625013357148_n Tent 

Saving the best until last here. This is my first mention of Tent on my blog (not to many of my friends who have heard A LOT about it!) but I have been going there for a little while now thanks to the lovely Leanne. Leanne and I became friends through Beccy (Paris crew member who I used to live with) and after a chat we had about my struggle to find a routine she invited me along to this creative workspace. She knew I would love it. I walked in and within one minute, I loved it.

Tent is a collaborative co-working space that is used by a whole load of creative folk – film makers, comedians, writers, illustrators, start-ups to name just a few. Although it is within an office building the decor is quirky and cool – more warehouse than office, for sure. Monthly donations to work there go to the running costs and also to charities and local projects. The best thing about this place is the real sense of community. Super friendly people all wanting to help each other out. It has a wonderfully chilled vibe and I have felt more productive here than anywhere else I have ever worked.


To give you an idea of the kind natured gang, just over the weekend many Tent members came together to help Leanne (who is a writer, actor and comedian) to film a new showreel. Ralph and Claire (who have been wonderfully welcoming since my first ever visit) directed the filming and others helped by offering to act, run – you name it, the whole production was created through a collaboration of kindness. I can’t wait to see the end result.


I am so glad that I have a great space to get thinking and writing. Oh and planning. I’ve booked my next adventure. I feel I have a lot of unfinished business with New York City. Let the plotting and planning commence. (Excitable.)

Speak soon,

Rachael x

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