A Whole Lot of Inspiration

60 Postcards: Create. Share. Inspire.

Bringing you news once a week on the ongoing 60 Postcards journey (you can read a summary of the story here), and on Friday I share a story of an inspirational person, project or cause.

It’s a Friday eve and I have been sitting with my Dad in his Dorset home having a catching up. As I brought the Mac to write this post (with a wine by my side, naturally) I decided not to post about a new person, project or cause today. I have plenty stored and ready to share, but this one is a reminder of stories told before.

What is the definition of inspiration? “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

My mother inspired me to create the 60 Postcards project. It was her kind nature, her zest for life, her selflessness and her love for her family that inspired me to create something to honour her. All of my family inspire me. The way they handled the toughest time in our lives and how they are so unique in their wonderful ways but how we work so well as a team when we come together.

It was through the development of my postcard tribute that encouraged me to explore other people’s thoughts and feelings on the matter of inspiration. On my trip to NYC last year I put Project Inspire in motion – asking people to hold a sign and tell me what inspires them. The results were eclectic and wonderful and included answers from my Dad and sisters, too.


My Dad always reminds me how much he loved this task. And it was encouragement from him to keep on that path of sharing inspirational stories that has resulted in me posting weekly about them.

I am going to take a look back at some of my previous posts. It may be a re-read for some and a first look for others – I just don’t want them to get lost in the online world. The people or projects discussed within them are all equally evocative, thought-provoking and will make you smile in admiration.

A Wall of Inspiration

It was on a stroll around the West Village in NYC that I stopped in my tracks outside a hair salon as I saw what was written on the wall.

My Return to the Blog with a Tale of Magic

A book stall outside Kings Cross station was not all it seemed. From speaking to the girls running it, there was far more to it – including Harry Potter and a fantastic cause.

Merry Christmas with a #Smilebomb

Leaving notes for strangers to find was something that I could relate to. When I heard about the mysterious Free Help Guy’s campaign, I had to get involved.

Pop Up 38 – A Vintage Delight for an Inspiring Cause

Just moments away from my house in Kings Cross lies a very wonderful vintage store run by a lady on a quest to complete a mission first started by her father.

May the Thoughts be with Margot

A #Helpmob by the Free Help Guy was organised to help save little Margot who has Leukaemia and along the way I met a lady determined to create happiness through words and illustrations.

Natasha’s Story – The Creation of Leaf

After Natasha was diagnosed with Leukaemia she was determined to create a personal support system for others in her situation.

Social Media at its Best

A look at just how powerful and positive social media can be with three examples of campaigns by Team Margot, Stephen’s Story and Shake 4 Mike.

Souls with Real Soul: Gandys Flip Flops

Tsunami survivors Rob and Paul create an awe-inspiring social enterprise, driven by their love for the wonderful parents they lost and a passion to help fellow orphans.

A Collaboration: Beauty Despite Cancer & Brow Boothe

One beauty expert joins another on their business of bespoke skin care and treatments. “Women don’t stop being women when they are diagnosed with cancer.”

So please have a read of the above when you can or save them for a rainy day, perhaps and make sure to spread the word.

Question: What inspires you? Let me know your answer by email (60postcards@gmail.com), Facebook or Twitter.

Have a great weekend.

Muchos love,

Rachael x


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2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Inspiration

  1. Hi, I read your story and absolutely loved it. Such a great thing to do to mark a terribly sad occasion. My dad died 6 years ago aged 54 and it is 60th birthday in 10 days time. I am getting waves of grief that are hard to deal with and wanted to do something special for what would be his 60th birthday. I still think of him everyday and now have 2 children that he’s never met. It breaks my heart but know he is with us and see him in my children which is wonderful. He loved walking. He walked everywhere. So I have decided to do a 60km walk with my husband in honour of my amazing dad. Thanks for sharing your story as it has inspired me to do this. Laura.

  2. Just read your post about the ‘Before I die’ wall – not sure if you knew but there is one in London now, it’s along the towpath on Regents Canal, somewhere near Regents Park!

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