Dorset to London & Unfinished Business with NYC

Bringing you news once a week on the ongoing 60 Postcards journey (you can read a summary of the story here), and on Friday I share a story of an inspirational person, project or cause.

Dorset to London

I have just returned from a brilliant weekend. Just so many lovely moments.10494905_10152530435820873_4437600669961468343_o

Amy (Paris crew) picked me up from Poole train station and we drove along listening to the local radio station, imagining that we were eighteen again. Laughter ensued as we questioned whether we have changed all that much since that young, innocent (?) age. We spent the afternoon in the garden, embracing the afternoon sun, sipping wine and picking from a mezze platter of Waitrose joy (trying to forget the fact that the Waitrose in our town centre has been built on the much-loved cricket pitch. Controversial). Beth (Paris crew) joined us with her gorgeous baby boy, Sebastian, followed by Stewart (also Paris crew!).

We were all back home for the weekend to see our school friend, Helen, and long-term love, James, tie the knot. Now, the best way to get to the wedding venue was on the sandbanks chain ferry but disaster struck last week when one of the chains broke. We were lucky – normal ferry service had resumed in time and we made it to the stunning cliff top setting of Harry Warren House in Studland ready for a beautiful day. And beautiful it was. The fizz was flowing, croquet and boules were played on the lawn, a scrumptious hog-roast was devoured, speeches were delivered with wit and warmth and by the end of the evening the dancing was getting pretty serious.

The rest of my weekend was spent catching up with the sisters and the father over dinners and lunches. Dad was getting geared up for the 60 Postcards Cycle Challenge which starts at Tower of London this Thursday. (If you haven’t seen the video for it, please check it out here!) I am still bursting with pride and I will be there as they set off to wish them luck and take some snaps. Just before I caught the train back, I nipped over to see Helen (my publicist from Simon and Schuster) in her perfect, pretty new abode in the Dorset countryside (as I joked that it would only be a matter of time before Country Living came knocking on her door).

As I sat on the train for my return to the city, I left the laptop in my bag, my phone to one side and I read non-stop from Dorset to London. Travelling seems like one of the few times that I am able to fully immerse myself in a book these days. Well, that and holidays, of course. At Poole station I had been looking out to Holes bay and as we drew in to Waterloo station I welcomed the sight of the London Eye out of the window. I felt happy. I felt lucky. I feel like I can call both places home.

Unfinished Business

Book readers often ask aboIMG_1398ut another place I love – Paris – as it was where my postcard project began. BUT, there is a very special city that brought equal amounts of serendipity and magic: New York City. Some people, when speaking to me about my project are not even aware that I did leave 60 postcards out there too. Because, I did. I really did! With wonderful results, too. And it feels like there are stories still untold and more to be made. Unfinished business it will be no more as I have booked a two and a half week trip for the end of September. It is going to be epic.

The Plan 

I need to do some serious planning for this trip. I want the whole two and a half weeks to be jam-packed with fun and adventure with a real focus on people. I am going to reach out to my postcard finders once more and try to visit as many as possible. I want to continue with Project Inspire, asking New Yorkers what inspires them and why. I want to throw myself into a million and one situations and to make the most of every opportunity out there. I want to be the, ‘Yes Man’ that Danny Boyle writes about.

Can you help with NYC contacts? 

IMG_1165I am working on a few new postcard challenges and will feature them on a blog over the next month as would really appreciate your assistance on deciding one to do out there!

Also, I only know a few people out in NYC and if you have anyone that you could put me in touch with or suggest that I get in touch with then please let me know. People that I am looking for in this project based in NYC are:

  • Inspirational people – those who are involved in individual or group projects, causes (with particular focus on turning a bad into a positive).
  • Authors/Bloggers/Writers
  • People running any art projects or festivals

If you have an ideas then please get in touch with me on! Muchos gracias!

Right, back to planning for me!

Speak to you later in the week. Enjoy :).

Rachael x

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