Plotting and Planning for New York City

Bringing you news once a week on the ongoing 60 Postcards journey (you can read a summary of the story here), and on Friday I share a story of an inspirational person, project or cause.


This is just a little post about a few ideas I already have for my trip to New York in September. Last year I booked at the very last-minute and I was working full-time for the energy company, so I am really grateful for a few more weeks to plan this time!

It is one year and seven months since I first scattered 60 postcards around Paris. It is one year and two months since I first scattered 60 postcards in NYC. I returned to Paris to explore the city once more and now it time for NYC. I have booked a mammoth two and a half weeks out there and have promised myself that I will dedicate at least 12 days to all things 60 Postcards. 

The Plane


On my last visit to NYC I managed to speak to the lovely cabin crew about my story on the way back. This time, I could do the same – but with more preparation time, I may as well try to take these ideas up a notch. I am going to contact British Airways to see if there is any way I can get a postcard to the people on my flight for them to leave in NYC (in the back of a seat with a note explaining what to do, perhaps). Failing this, I will try to hand out as many as I can before we board or while we wait for our baggage the other side! Somehow, I want my flight to be involved in scattering postcards….

Postcard Finder Interviews

I am on a mission to see as many of my postcard finders as possible while there (including one that got in touch much later than the rest which I have not yet told you about!). Interview sounds a little formal. Of course, it will be more like a coffee and a chat, but I want to find out about these people; what makes them tick, why they picked up my postcard, what stories they have and what inspires them….which brings me to the next idea…..

Project Inspire


My Dad’s favourite, Project Inspire, is going to make a big come back. Asking random people what inspires them on the streets on NYC was pretty scary last year but this time I am going to begin as soon as I land. Dare I say it, but I would like to hit the number 60 by the end of my visit!

I am even going to contact the NYC department of parks and recreation to see if I am able to do something around this project in one of the parks for an afternoon. Why? Why not.

Book Hiding

I will write an inscription in a few copies of 60 Postcards and leave them for people to find. I may choose big landmarks, but I may just leave them in coffee shops. As I have always done with my postcard scattering, I will leave it for a moment that feels right.


On top of the above, I am still thinking about some extra postcard related challenges/projects and cannot wait to do them while exploring the city once more. Potential plans so far are to hit a street fair in Brooklyn, see a photo project, try to watch something at the NYC Film Festival, skate around Central Park, attend the Brooklyn Book Festival, and enjoy a few cocktails on a roof terrace bar or a sneaky speak easy. The list is growing, as is my excitement.

I really want to take it to the next level on this trip. I want to make things happen. Some would say I am dreaming big. I’d like to believe I am just thinking big. If I don’t pull it off, hey – at least I tried. And by sharing my plans, I will be more determined to see them through (and sweating a lot more under the pressure!).

Speak to you Friday where I will be posting my Dad’s written account of their fantastic cycle from London to Paris in memory of Mum.

Much love,

Rachael x

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