60 Postcards Stateside, Scattered for You

Bringing you news once a week on the ongoing 60 Postcards journey (you can read a summary of the story here), and on Friday I share a story of an inspirational person, project or cause.

This post is all about the launch of the next exciting phase of the 60 Postcards project and how you can be a part of it!

It is a plan that has been inspired by readers – by all of the heartfelt messages that I have received from those who have lost a loved one. Messages that remind us that grief does not need to be shouldered alone and how, when we share our stories, we can seek comfort in the fact that we can relate to one and other’s experiences. It may be the smallest of things that lead us to nod, smile or to cry in agreement.  Whatever it may be, I feel a strong sense of this project becoming a network as #Team60Postcards. I would love to take your messages with me on my next adventure to create a brand new group tribute. I will pack 60 Postcards in my suitcase – written by you – and scatter them stateside in New York City.


Here is the plan and how you can get involved……..

The idea

60 Postcards in memory of loved ones, scattered around NYC.

The message

Choose one postcard and write your message on the back about who you are spreading the memory of.

How will the finder get in touch?

There will be a sticker on the front of the postcard, placed by moi, asking the finder to get in touch via 60 postcards contact details (as a central point for all messages – any received will be forwarded on!)

Sending the postcard

Place your postcard in an envelope addressed to the following:

Jo Hayes, Bell Lomax Moreton, Suite C, Victory House, 131 Queensway, Petts Wood, Kent,  BR5 1DG

Along with the postcard, please enclose a note with your name, email address and twitter handle (if you have one!).

It would be great to include half an A4 page with a little about you and what motivated you to send it.

Delivery Date

I understand that this is a big task to do – a postcard is such a small space to write such an important message on. But in order to be fully prepared before I head off they will need to be received by WEDNESDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER.

Which Postcards will go?

If there are more than 60 then I will plan something for the ones left over. All will be part of the project somehow but I may take the total number with me anyway! No postcards will ever be ignored!

My promise to you – the postcard writers:

This is, hands down, the most important challenge that I have taken on so far. I want to do it justice. I want to do it as well as I can for you. Anyone that sends a postcard must be aware that the only guarantee is that it will be scattered in a special place and I will email/tweet you a photo of where it is left. You will be part of #Team60Postcards.

And as for people getting in touch, we are going to have to keep our fingers crossed. That will be a bonus!

If you know someone who you believe would like to write a postcard then please forward this post to them, too!

I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

Some people scatter ashes. We are scattering words.

The show must go on……stateside.



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One thought on “60 Postcards Stateside, Scattered for You

  1. Dear Rachael, I am halfway through your book….. I absolutely love it and the inspired idea to scatter postcards. I am so sad that I have missed your NYC postcard scatter as having lost both my beloved parents to cancer in the last three years, I would have loved to include a card for them as we went there a lot as children. I read some of your blog tonight. How proud your Mum must be of you, looking down on you as she always is. That’s what I firmly believe and how I am getting through, having lost my most treasured mum (and very best friend) not even three months ago. I love what you are doing and it is such a wonderful way to remember our loved ones. You are an inspiration, truly.
    Love Victoria x

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