My Love for Your Postcards, NYC & More!

Bringing you news once a week on the ongoing 60 Postcards journey (you can read a summary of the story here), and on Friday I share a story of an inspirational person, project or cause.

‘Life admin’ – a phrase which haunts me but is unfortunately a necessary part of….well…life. New York planning and flat hunting have taken over these past couple of weeks. Thankfully a flat has been found. And the best bit about it, is that my new pad is moments away from my current abode. As if I could ever leave Kings Cross when it feels like home to me now? Even this morning I was strolling (running) along the canal when I bumped into the lovely Naomi from Pop up 38 who is in the local area!

Now I am back, here are the latest 60 Postcards updates!…….

60 Postcards Stateside, Scattered for You! THERE IS STILL TIME!……


I have been blown away, moved to tears and completely honoured to receive such beautiful postcards from you as part of my next mission to scatter postcards around New York City on your behalf. Thank you so much to those who have sent them in and I promise to be in touch via email next week.

I know that I originally set a date and decided on 60 Postcards, but given a few messages from people unable to send one in that time and by an overwhelming sense of passion about doing this on reading those I already have, I see no point in limiting this mission. I have two and a half weeks out there. So if you still want to be a part of it or know someone who does, there is still time! The new date for them to be received by is Wednesday 17th September.


NYC Meet Ups


So, the countdown to my trip is on. One week today, I will be sat on the plane and giddy with nerves and excitement while watching as many films as possible! Standard.

Accommodation plans have been hilariously unorganised, what with permanent accommodation drama in my own city going on! I will be couch surfing and airbnb-ing with the odd hotel thrown in. You name it, I’m doing it. It will all be part of the adventure!

I am über excited about meeting people out there: old friends, colleagues, a uni mate, postcard finders and more.

The first person I will see is one of my closest friends, Beccy. I used to live with Beccy and she was such a driving force in the creation of 60 Postcards and came along to Paris when the magic first happened. Currently working at the Toronto Film festival, Beccy is then joining me in NYC for a 5 day catch up. We have been dreaming of meeting on an NYC roof terrace for years and she is the perfect accomplice to help with my new postcard mission!

Other people who I cannot wait to see are:

Stephanie – The gorgeous ballet dancer who found a postcard in Paris and who has become a great friend. The last time I saw her was when she flew over for my book launch!

Julie – A brief meeting while taking part in an Inside Out project in Times square is the only time I have spent with lovely Julie, but we are in contact and ready for a catch up!

Max – I dashed into the shop he worked in to drop a postcard off last year and now I finally get to meet him properly. It is perfect timing as I am going to join him for his birthday celebrations!

Rita – My lovely postcard finder from the Foxwoods theatre on Broadway has said that I may be able to get a tour of the theatre and go for a long overdue coffee!

Chloe – I met Chloe on my Business Design short course at Central St Martins. We may not have been in the same group during the week, but we can make up for it now as I am searching her out in NYC!

A Caring Hand – I got in touch with this children’s bereavement charity in the hope that I can go in to find out more about what they do. I have heard back from them and, fingers crossed, will have that opportunity!

I am also going to meet a girl who runs a successful lifestyle blog about NYC. She is going to help me with the postcards and blog about it while I am out there. I am also excited to meet a mystery postcard helper who a lot of you will know of….more on that in the future!

Apologies for my recent disappearance and I will be back to regular blogging next week.

I look forward to receiving your postcards.

Love as always,

Rachael xx

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One thought on “My Love for Your Postcards, NYC & More!

  1. Hi Rachael

    I bought your book because your fabulous Mum taught both of my children at Allenbourn, my lasting image of your Mum was in her tracksuit leaning on the tennis nets, how funny that I should open the book to the page with the photo of lovely Mrs Chadwick in her tracksuit leaning on the tennis nets!!! My daughter laughed and said with a tear in her eye, ‘yep that’s how I remember Mrs Chadwick too, as she tried so hard to teach me to play tennis better’!
    It wasn’t until one evening when I was sat in my local pub chatting away with another regular about his Head teacher post and my Pastoral support role that I made the connection! For the last year or so my partner and I had been sharing the occasional pint or two with your gorgeous Dad. We chatted about your mum and I said I’d got your book, when Dad asked if I’d read it, I confessed that no I hadn’t because I was worried that it would make me feel too sad and I’d cry too much. You see my Mum has terminal cancer and in the last few years I have lost both of my brothers (one to cancer)! Your Dad assured me the book was an uplifting read and that I’d really enjoy it. (We had this chat just before you were due to go on your NYC trip). I went home and started the book immediately, I have to say by chapter 3 I was a blubbing, snotty mess!!! However, I read on……so glad I did, truly wonderful, what an amazing tribute to your Mum. Your Dad was right, it was uplifting and filled with so much love and positivity, thank you for sharing so much of yours and your family’s life with us.
    Your Dad told me about the brave step you took to give up your job and to continue with your writing, that’s one proud Dad you have there!
    I wish you all the luck in the world with your venture and adventures!!
    Sending you love and light

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