Paperbacks, Postcards & The 2 Cents Collective

Bringing you news once a week on the ongoing 60 Postcards journey (you can read a summary of the story in Glamour Magazine, here).

Yet another apology from me for another spectacular disappearing act. Might start calling myself Houdini? I am most definitely back to blogging now and have decided to reduce my posting down to one a week (in order to lower my blood pressure levels and give you a little less waffle to wade through)!

What is going on behind the scenes? I am developing a framework and a creative business model for the future plans of the 60 Postcards project. The very personal tribute I began remains as a wonderful starting point but now heads towards becoming more of a concept – a support service – offering help to those who have lost, exploring the creative angle towards dealing with grief and creating a safe and open environment for people to share stories and to connect.

Almost all of the 60 Postcards Stateside (NYC) postcard info sheets have now been sent to the tribute writers and I am delighted to announce that we have had a few finders! Exciting stuff.

Another part of my 60 Postcards work that is about to kick off is preparation for the release of the paperback for February 2015. As book lovers and fellow writers will know, there is a fresh market out there in the paperback world and Simon & Schuster UK designer Anneka has created a brand new cover to reflect that. And here it is…….

60 postcards_9

Needless to say, when I nervously opened up the design from my inbox, I was blown away once more. Tears of joy trickled down my cheeks. It is pretty, Parisian and perfectly captures the narrative. I’m in love.

Other lovely recent news is that 60 Postcards is going to be published in China! Totally random and wonderful. Can’t wait to see what it looks like! (And wonder if they will understand the Made in Chelsea reference amongst others!)

The 2 Cents Collective

Now for a flashback to my New York trip. When I was hanging out in a coffee shop in Manhattan, I came across a postcard. (Of course I did). It was the last one of its kind. It took me 2 seconds to read and by then I was totally invested in the 2 Cents Collective.

The 2 Cents Collective is the brainchild of Brooklyn based, Maple. Maple has a close bond with her 14-year-old sister, Allison, but the distance between them is 800 miles. Her love for her sister and desire to give her as much advice as possible led her to think about how she could help other young people, too. On September 16th Maple launched her campaign which asks people, “What advice would you give to someone turning 16 years old?”. People can get as creative as they like with it (details below). And although this will help so many young people, Maple’s aim is to have this made in to a coffee-table-style book to present to her sister for her 16th Birthday. What a beautiful gift.



Give your Advice! 

Maple would really like this to kick off in her hometown of Charleston but welcomes advice from all over the world. if you do one thing this week amongst your work and play, please make it this! It is such a fantastic idea and a lot of fun to do as we think back to our younger years. I am sending mine off tomorrow! Here is what to do:

1. Think of advice you would give to someone turning 16 years old.

2. Write, draw, paint, collage, sculpt, highlight, record it – whatever.

3. Send it in via snail mail (134 Franklin St. #4Brooklyn, NY 11222) or online.

4. Influence somebody.

(Your advice will be anonymous unless you state otherwise.)

Postcards, words of advice – all inspired by a family bond. It is no wonder I love this collective so much. Maple – wishing you all the success in the world and I hope that I may be able to meet you when I visit NYC again in the future!

So there we have it – paperbacks, postcards and a heartfelt collective.

What is coming next? Well it is about time I start sharing the incredible stories of the postcards I took with me to New York!

Speak to you next week.

Love as always,

Rachael x

Ps Message for any Dorset readers….

I am speaking at the Wimborne Literary Festival this Friday 3-4pm at Allendale House. Tickets are £6 if you would like to come along! Let me know if you book as would love to meet people afterwards.

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3 thoughts on “Paperbacks, Postcards & The 2 Cents Collective

  1. Hi Rach
    Sounds as if NY was awesome – ( or is it you that’s awesome!!!?)
    Sorry I can’t be there Friday you will be amazing that I’m sure xxx
    Nina x

  2. Hi Rachael,

    I was thinking about you this week, as I realised you hadn’t posted a blog for a while. Sounds like you have lots of exciting projects on at the moment! Your Mum would be so so proud of you, I’m sure.

    I hope you had an awesome time in NYC 🙂


    Jen xxx

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Hi Rachael! I discovered your amazing story when I picked up a copy of your book in Bournemouth library earlier in the year! It was being promoted in the new out section! I’m just about to read the final chapter tonight. (It hasn’t taken me since February to read this far, I just didn’t get round to starting it for a while! Sorry people of Bournemouth for hogging it, will return it ASAP!) I Just saw that you are speaking in Wimborne on Friday, so I’ll hopefully see you there! Emily. x

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