60 Postcards in Australia: The Relaunch

To find out more about the 60 Postcards journey so far, you can read a summary here.

So, it seems to be the 9th of June in the year of 2016 and I have NO IDEA how that happened.

Time has flown. My grief has remained but adapted and moved in different ways, I’ve had new work experiences and become an Auntie. Life’s been good, challenging, surprising and wonderful – things are ticking along pretty nicely. Yet, whereas I really needed to give my head and heart a break from the 60 Postcards project for a while, I’ve recently started to feel like there is something missing in my world. I soon realised that it was this. It’s time to get writing and postcard scattering again.

As ever, I am going for the slapdash, totally unprepared, late-night blogging-over-a-glass-of-wine approach. As ever, I’ve decided to incorporate 60 Postcards in to my upcoming travels. As ever I am still no better at planning the what, the where and the how. Hey – at least I’m consistent.

But the idea is very simple – the way it should be.

I’m hitting Australia at the weekend for a 3-week trip, travelling around Melbourne, Adelaide, Cape Tribulation, Whitsunday and with a final night in Brisbane. There was absolutely no way I could head to the other side of the world for an adventure and not use this opportunity to scatter postcards as I go.


I will handwrite a message on 60 postcards  – explaining that it is a project to remember lost loved ones, that grief is universal and shouldn’t be shouldered alone – and scatter them around the places I visit. I will leave my email on for people to get in touch. I will wait and worry and hope that someone may find one. I will probably drink some beers along the way.

If you want to get involved by sharing ideas or spreading the word, please get in touch. And if you are an Aussie who happens to be around in the locations I am hitting, perhaps you could help with the postcard scattering. I am on 60postcards@gmail.com, tweeting on @60Postcards, photo sharing on the @60Postcards Instagram account and will be posting all updates with the hashtag, #60postcardsAus.

Just 6 days ago I received an email from a man who had stumbled across my book in Brisbane. He is launching a postcard project of his own and I am going to meet him when I am there. Serendipity is back in my vocab.

With just under 48 hours until I leave, I best get postcard writing. Failing that, I’m sure I will find some time on the delightfully long flight. Gah.

It’s good to be back,

Rachael x


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12 thoughts on “60 Postcards in Australia: The Relaunch

  1. Hi There, I am Maddy’s mum and I just won’t to thank you for your comments. She really was a beautiful person and is greatly missed.

  2. Thank you for the lovely message, Karen and so pleased to hear you enjoyed the book. The ‘Learning to dance in the rain’ quote is such a beautiful one and sounds perfect for your cousin. Let me know how the postcard drop in Spain went. Much love x

  3. Hi Rachael,
    My stepson Jack bought me your book as he thought it would be something I’d like. Made it my holiday reading and had tears and smiles throughout! So many similarities with my own story. I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2010 and lost my cousin to the same terrible disease in April. Her life story used the ‘learning to dance in the rain’ her memorial cards had ‘She’s gone’ on them, my wedding date 19th October 2013, same day you celebrated your friends big day!! I will leave a postcard in Salou, Spain in memory of these two very special ladies and your mum. I hope your next chapter in Australia is another fabulous adventure!

  4. Well I was born in Brisbane, spent most of my pre-London life in Melbourne and when I stood there about 15 years ago, thought that Cape Tribulation was one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Enjoy!

  5. Forwarding your blog to all my Aussie friends!! Well that should read friend!!
    Have a wonderful trip (adventure) xxx

  6. Hi Rachael good luck with your new venture in Oz . Looking forward to reading your blogs ! My mam passed away last week at 88 ! Even though she had a long life you mam can never be replaced broken hearted and lost 😪Xxxxxx

  7. Hi Rachael

    Can’t wait to read all the updates from your next adventure.

    For some reason when you wrote this I thought about a beautiful young Australian woman, Maddy Rice, who was killed this week by a car on the isle of Skye. I know her from when she worked in our local pub in Weybridge. She was only 21 and everyone is so very shocked and saddened and it was made worse because the family had to fundraise to get her body home. They reached their target within a few days which is fantastic and demonstrates the power of the Internet. She was one of those people who shine and you instantly warm to with a wonderful sense of fun and style. I can’t believe she’s gone.



    Enjoy your travels.

    Best wishes Jane xx


  8. Remembering Gordon Atkinson who loved visiting Australia.
    Sending our love for a great and safe trip.

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