The Australian Postcard Tales Begin…

To find out more about the 60 Postcards journey so far, you can read a summary here.

I did it. I went to the other side of the world. Crikey, it’s far isn’t it? I thought I had an idea of what the cities would be like but no clue about the rest, other than what a few Google images and Trip Advisor searches could let me know. I was surprised and excited by what I found out there. What a magical place. And magic struck again with the postcards. You’d think I’d be used to process by now but every time a postcard was scattered, that nervous excitement kicked in again. The lovely people of Australia were so warm, welcoming and supportive of the project. And, after wondering if I would receive any responses, luck was on my side.

First stop – Melbourne

I felt like I watched approximately 20 films on the flight over. It would have been the perfect time, as I mentioned in my Aus launch blog, to write the postcards. Of course with the frantic last-minute packing and my fussy nature when it comes to choosing the right cards – I didn’t get them in time. Classic. And so, on arrival in Melbourne, I headed into the city to find what I thought – maybe, possibly, not sure – what I was looking for.

The Melbourne Shop by Lumbi was where I spotted some postcards with a design of Australian stamps all over them. That’ll do nicely. I picked up 20 and took them to the counter. Super helpful and lovely, Elle, served me (photo below) and was a more than a little puzzled by my purchase of so many of the same postcard. I told her why, we chatted for a while and then I decided to return a little later to make it up to the whole 60. Job done.

Postcards purchased, now it was time to go off and get writing. The familiar wrist-ache kicked in. Always worth it.

The postcard message:

“Hello there, 

You have found one of 60 postcards scattered around Australia. My name is Rachael and I am visiting from London, UK. The 60 Postcard project first started in memory of my wonderful mum, where postcards were scattered around Paris & NYC, asking the finder to get in touch. Now the tribute has grown and has become more of a collective concept to reach out to strangers, create new connections and to remind us all that grief does not have to be shouldered alone. We are in it together. If you stumble upon this note, please get in touch and become part of the project and story. With heartfelt thanks, Rachael xxx”

It felt good to be writing postcards again and it felt fantastic to be re-launching a project I love so dearly.

As soon as I began to write, I was itching to get out there and leave some around the city. My first stop was the State Library. I had a tip-off from a reader that there was an exhibition there which was right up my street.

And how right she was…..


Please Note: My 60 Postcards Facebook page is temporarily out of action (for two weeks) due to another blog series I am writing called, ‘Girl Offline’, on the Huffington Post. Read more here.

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2 thoughts on “The Australian Postcard Tales Begin…

  1. Hi Rachael,
    I have just finished reading your book (through quite a few tears) and had to have a little google to find you 😊
    I took your book with me on holiday with my husband, we took a week visiting NY Washington DC and then Miami where we boarded our cruise ship which took us through the Panama Canal. I wish I had the foresight to take postcards with me. We went to so many wonderful places. Well we’re home (3 days ago) and I finished the last few pages in bed just now. I have a wet pillow 😅
    I live in Melbourne and in my searching saw that you’ve been here. I will now keep a look out just in case there may be a postcard still lurking around somewhere.
    Much love Wendy x
    PS my daughter is going to Bali tomorrow and I’m going to tell her about your story and see if she would like to take some cards with her, she is an excellent story teller 😊

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