The One With Sarah and SY: Postcard found in Melbourne

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Ok – hands up! I left this one hanging a little while…
My first postcard location in Australia was the State Library, Melbourne (catch up from the previous blog post here). I was hopeful for a response and was delighted when I received a message to say that the handwritten note had been found. But that particular interaction never developed to anything more and I thought that the moment had been and gone.
That was until I heard from a lovely couple from Malaysia, who had found the postcard within the library while they were on holiday in Aus. I was delighted to hear from postcard finders, Sarah and SY, who sent a wonderful email telling me all about their story. Kindly, they are happy for me to share their words….

“Hi Rachael!! Hope you’re doing well!

My boyfriend and I (photo below) have been in a long distance relationship for the last 18 months. If you have never been in a long distance relationship before, I have to tell you that it is simultaneously one of the toughest and most rewarding things that I have ever done. We don’t often get the chance to go on extended holidays together and Melbourne (in June) was our first one this year.
Sarah & SY on their trip to Melbourne
Sarah & SY on their trip to Melbourne
It was a wet and miserable afternoon in Melbourne and we had gone out to meet a friend at the State Library. In the lobby there was a little umbrella which had been left unattended on the bench and right next to the umbrella was your postcard! We sat down and started reading it together, half intrigued as this was the kind of thing you’d only see in movies. We googled 60 postcards, read all about your story and wow… we just knew we had to try to help your postcard continue its journey and to spread its message. 🙂

Serendipitously, at brunch the following day, we were sat at a table with some Malaysians, one of whom was based in Pennsylvania. We began to tell them about how we had encountered the postcard and how we wanted to see how far we could send the card.  

I often wonder about our connectedness as individuals. The fact that I am writing this email halfway around the world and the knowledge that somebody, somewhere, will be reading this entry on your blog is testament to that. As I am writing this, I also realise that although we may not see the threads that bind us, we are connected in more tangible ways than we may realise. On a personal level, I relate very strongly to this, being in a long distance relationship, and sometimes not being able to physically spend time with my boyfriend for a few months at a time. 

Being apart from one another does not make the relationship any less real or any of the fights we have had any less painful. But, above all it does not make any of the moments we share when we are apart any less precious. Being part of your story has made our already memorable trip even more so and for that we both thank you.

Best wishes,
Sarah and SY :)”
A beautiful message from a beautiful couple. I was touched by the words and their take on the project and it was particularly interesting to hear how Sarah related with the project through her experience of a long distance relationship.
It is a lovely reminder that while the project may have been born from a struggle with grief, scattering notes for strangers is not just about the loss of a loved one. It’s about being open, sharing stories – whatever they may be –  and creating connections. The world may be huge but as Sarah says, we are more connected than we realise.
I am staggered to say that the Australian leg of the postcard project has brought more responses than ever before and I look forward to sharing more stories from finders all around the world.
Sarah and SY – thank you for becoming a part of the project.
Until next time,

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