On Feb 11th 2012, my mum passed away from bowel cancer. Unsure as to how to deal with my grief, and with the milestone of what would have been my mum’s 60th birthday approaching, I decided to create a tribute for her.

With Eurostar vouchers as a gift Mum had given me, I set off to Paris with some friends for a long weekend to celebrate her. 60 handwritten postcards in her memory were left in 60 random locations around the City of Love – all of them with my email address on for the finder to get in touch.

In a weird twist of fate, luck and hope, some folk found some of those postcards.

Connections were made, a blog was born, a book was written, and a hell of a lot of stories have been shared, on and off the old Interweb.

After telling the tales of the postcards and talking honestly about grief, the view is for this initial initiative to move to more of a storytelling platform for those remembering lost loved ones.

Me? I’m Rachael. I work as a communications consultant in the international development world and I’m always thinking about or working on a creative project. Currently exploring an idea for a children’s book.

Give me a shout via the contact page if you’re interested in finding out more about the project, speaking gigs, having a chinwag etc.

Rachael x

If you so dare, you can read the 60 Postcards story from the very first blog post.

If you love the smell of a new book and would like to hear the story told in a different way, you can buy the book here.