My Return to the Blog with a Tale of Magic…..

Oh, hi there! Yes, I am still here – honest! I think that when I had promised one or two blog posts a week, I was underestimating the time-consuming, all-encompassing, never-ending work required for writing a book. (And if anyone knows of any competitions for the most hyphenated compounds used in once sentence – pleaseContinue reading “My Return to the Blog with a Tale of Magic…..”

Writing a Book is Easy…….

Writing a book is easy…..NO – NO IT IS NOT.  This one is for all of the cynics out there. For all of the people who believe that I am on some kind of holiday – swanning about on my weekdays, coffee shop-hopping and lying in bed until 12pm. INCORRECT – this is not theContinue reading “Writing a Book is Easy…….”

Say Bonjour to the Cover of the Book…..

To follow the story from the beginning, click here. Evening all, or should I say ‘bon soir’ (probably)! Welcome to a mini-post. I won’t be chatting as much as usual tonight (phew). I arrived at my apartment late afternoon Monday – a cute little one bedroom flat in the 17th arrondissement. It is exactly theContinue reading “Say Bonjour to the Cover of the Book…..”

60 Postcards: The Next Chapter

To follow the story from the beginning, click here. Welcome back, welcome for the first time and welcome all to blog post numero 43 – my favourite yet. My accommodation is all confirmed for my ten-day Paris visit. Airbnb strikes again – I will be spending my first week in a studio flat, a mereContinue reading “60 Postcards: The Next Chapter”