Merry Christmas with a #Smilebomb

Ho, ho, ho! Who ate all the mince pies? Erm…. Seriously, will someone please hide all of the food in my sight. Every single year we dread returning from Christmas being the size of a house. Yes, I said ‘we’ – I am dragging you down with me, ha. ‘I’m going to get fit inContinue reading “Merry Christmas with a #Smilebomb”

Milestone Mania

Hi, it’s me again. I had a wonderful response to the last post from the London Loveiosa gang and rightly so – what an inspirational bunch! Well, what a couple of weeks (and months) it has been, and the fun is far from over. It has been┬ámilestone mania! Milestone 1 – I had my firstContinue reading “Milestone Mania”

The Sabbatical and an Email from Oz

To follow the story from the beginning, click here. A few posts ago I mentioned that from mid September I would be back in the blogging game, with more time to focus on 60 Postcards. I am back for good (Take That reference totally intended). I have decided to take some leave from work toContinue reading “The Sabbatical and an Email from Oz”

Birthday Brunch and a Leading Lady…

To follow the story from the beginning – click here. It’s me – I’m back. Further apologies for my new-found sporadic posting style. I don’t think I even pre-warned you about this one – SURPRISE!! Last weekend was a cracker. The main event was my housemate Beccy’s beautiful birthday brunch. We hit the Grain StoreContinue reading “Birthday Brunch and a Leading Lady…”

A Welcome Home, Photo Fun and the Modern Day Jester

To follow the story from the beginning click here. Saturday morning was a great one. Off I went to Gatwick, no hand luggage in sight. I was delighted to enjoy a drama-free tube journey too! Luckily it was early morning travel time and as I sat in my quiet carriage, I began my Blue PeterContinue reading “A Welcome Home, Photo Fun and the Modern Day Jester”