Transport Tribulations and a High School Talk

To follow the story from the beginning click here. My work friend Becky and I had a chuckle yesterday as we discussed the free water that was handed to us at the tube station in the morning. Free water? Seriously? It was raining. We were baffled as to why after two months of the most glorious weatherContinue reading “Transport Tribulations and a High School Talk”

All You Need is Love

To follow the story from the beginning, click here. I am in the Southbank Centre…..again. This is now the second most talked about thing in my blog, behind coffee 😉 (oh, or postcards perhaps)!! London is simply sparkling in the sunshine today. I don’t like to admit that the weather affects one’s mood, but let’s beContinue reading “All You Need is Love”

Game, Set, Love Match

To follow the story from the beginning, click here. I think I just choked on my strawberries and cream. What. A. Day. It was just last Tuesday, day two of the tournament, that I was lucky enough to visit SW 19, Wimbledon. One of my oldest and dearest friends (no- she isn’t 80 haha), Bethan,Continue reading “Game, Set, Love Match”