The Return and My Secret

To follow the story from the beginning, click here. Bonjour mes amis. Ça va? The French dictionary is being dusted off, my beauty of a birthday bridge camera is charging up and I am prepping my stomach for bread and cheese excitedly – it is time for the return. The return to Paris. (Not to be mistakenContinue reading “The Return and My Secret”

FREEZE! 60 Postcards – The Story So Far……

FREEZE! During the last week, I have found myself explaining 60 Postcards to people for the very first time. It’s tricky, you know? So much has happened since this project began on Mothering Sunday, March 10th, that I am finding it increasingly tough to condense it into a few points! Naturally, I don’t want toContinue reading “FREEZE! 60 Postcards – The Story So Far……”

Respect for the Runners

Note: To understand the story from the beginning click here. Smithy (Charlotte), Gooders (Paul), Simpson (Hannah) and Slapp (Kev) – I salute you. Congratulations for your Marathon running skills on Sunday and to the efforts of all involved in the touching tribute to Boston. Huge amounts of respect for the runners. I walked home from work theContinue reading “Respect for the Runners”

The English Girls & The Eiffel Tower Postcard

Note: To understand the story from the beginning click here. EMAIL: “Rachael, Here is the photo we took of your postcard at the top of the Eiffel Tower! 🙂 My friends Pam, Ellie and I were all moved by the message on the back of the postcard, and we feel very touched that you askedContinue reading “The English Girls & The Eiffel Tower Postcard”

Underneath the Eiffel Tower

Note: To understand the story from the beginning click here. It’s been a week since I have written anything. It’s been a busy week. A good week yes, but I have to say that I really missed this. I’ve missed it a lot. At the beginning of my last post I had mentioned my fear of chattingContinue reading “Underneath the Eiffel Tower”