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  1. I first came across your book whilst off for a week of sunshine in the South of France. I was looking for a holiday read and was drawn to your book on his book shelf. He said “It’s a tear jerker”. I read the first 2 lines of blurb and tears streamed down my face. I knew I had to carry on but I wasn’t ready but a year later I was. My friend’s copy on his shelf was recommended to him by his colleague (your sister: small world).
    I first came in touch with cancer 7 years ago. My boyfriend at the times Mum went through breast cancer, lump removed, radiotherapy, hair gone, hair back, things never quite the same. I observed their panic, sadness, worry and finally relief.
    2 years later I then met cancer again through someone I loved so much, my Aunt. My Aunt had moved to Majorca to live her dream. It was here that she received her treatment and it was Wimborne in Dorset where she took her last breath. The problem was that I needed her, I was not ready to say goodbye, are we ever? She knew and she even said “you’re going to have to let me go”.
    My other Aunt watched her sister and her husband die in the space of 6 weeks that year. Right now she is recovering from a maesectomy, chemotherapy and thoroughly feeling like poop from all the drugs. She too is a strong lady, a fighter, just 51 years old. We have hope that her positivity will get her through this.
    Thank you for inspiring me to read, to write, to think about cancer and the ones we lose too early and the ones that have gone through it. Keep inspiring others and your Mum would be proud to know that you are sharing the love of your family, you and your Mum.

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