Mother’s Day 2021


Messages with meaning, for the mums no longer with us; written on postcards and scattered out in the world for people to stumble across…

Postcard writers:

Lucy Fiona Hettie Seb Sally Kristy Amber Chrissy Sam Sarah Tim Mel Ann Ali Becky Hannah Emma Hatty Kat Laura Lily Lyndsey Ness Maryanne Rosie Sara Sophie Steph

For Sara, love Lucy.

Sara died at home in July 2016 surrounded by loving friends and family, less than two years after first being diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.

She taught me in word and deed how to be a feminist, to stand up for what I believe in, to never accept injustice.

For Maura, love Fiona.

Maura passed suddenly in January 2020 at 62 following a long battle with type 1 diabetes and kidney failure.

She was an incredible storyteller, she adored and really deserved to be on stage! Even in her lowest of lows she always tried to crack a joke or smile.

For Anna, love Hettie.

Anna died in November 2020 of metastatic breast cancer 4 years after she was diagnosed.

She was the most fantastic mother. So proud of her girls. Especially, if we were all in matching outfits (despite the 10 year age gap)!

For Liz, love Seb.

Liz died in April 2016 following a 5 month battle with liver cancer.

Sometimes I feel your presence, albeit fleetingly, before you spread your wings and take flight again. What’s it like there? I hope you’ve found Bowie to craft some tunes for your wonderful words.

For Marion, love Sally.

Marion died in November 2014.

I miss SO many things about her, but most of all her quiet reassurance and open-hearted love.

For Becky, love Kristy.

Becky died in October 2014 from secondary breast cancer, after being diagnosed in January 2013. 

She loved working hard, spending time with her girls, partying hard and living her best life!!

For Sue, love Amber.

Sue died in June 2016 to a heart attack.

A powerhouse of a woman who I am proud to call my mum. I am she and she is me.

For Valerie, love Chrissy.

Valerie died in April 2014, 5 years after having a heart attack that left her with only 40% of her heart working. 

You would love your grandson, 2, so much – he has the same wicked sense of humour and cackle as you (how I miss that cackle).

For Eileen, love Sam.

Elieen died in June 2016 of Pancreatic cancer, in a traumatic way after her treatment was mismanaged.

She loved good food, good tailoring and believed in angels.

For Saraa, love Sarah.

Saraa died in Jan 1999 – suddenly, but peacefully in her sleep.

I loved her cheeky defiance, her grit and resilience and her playfulness. She marched to the beat of her own drum and I miss the sound of those beats.

For Jennifer, love Tim.

It’s almost been 5 years since Jennifer died and it’s not been easy in spite of positive fundraising in her memory, but I’m getting there!

For Rose, love Mel.

Rose died on Mel younger sister’s 30th birthday, three weeks after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was wonderful in so many ways, with such a caring nature and always smiling.

For Margaret, love Ann.

Margaret died in October 2006 from lung cancer.

She was the kindest soul, put everyone first – me and my brother especially – I hope wherever you both are, he is looking after you today.

For Donna, love Ali.

Donna died in December 2019 from stomach cancer, 9 months after her diagnosis.

My dad started using one of mum’s phones. I never changed the name on my phone. It brings me a lot of joy when ‘ma holiday’ pops up ringing, forever reminding me how wonderfully daft she was.

For Jan, love Becky.

Jan died in May 2019.

She had the kindest, most pure of hearts and always knew the right thing to do.

For Hilary, love Hannah.

Hilary died of cancer 21 years ago.

My mum was pretty special, she always called me her Hannahkins Shenankins, she gave the BEST hugs, always encouraged me, she was incredibly strong willed + loved dancing on the table.

For Joy, love Emma.

Joy died in October 1997 of advanced ovarian cancer. She was only really seriously ill for the last week she was in hospital, so her death felt very sudden. 

She died 24 years ago, when I was 14 but I still think of her all the time. She was kind and warm and friendly, and super generous with complements.

For Pat, love Hatty.

Patricia Mary Ashdown died 3 weeks after her cancer diagnosis in November 2017.

She loved romance. She wanted to hear about others and talk about her own even after my died she would say he was her hunk forever.

For Wilma, love Kat.

Hilary died of cancer 21 years ago.

My mum was the most caring and helpful person I have ever known. She’d do anything and everything to help anyone.

For Pauline, love Laura.

The most recurring thing people to say to me about mum is how much she loved to talk (which is true, she really did)! But what I’ve come to realise is how much she loved to listen too, real active listening!

For Annie, love Lily.

Annie died in a horrific road traffic collision in 2019.

She was a talented artist and her creativity knew no limits. Even a present wrapped by her looked like a sculpture that should be in a gallery somewhere.

For Kelly, love Lyndsey.

Kelly died of ovarian cancer almost 11 years ago.

I wish she was here to meet my new baby boy but I am remembering her more than ever as I navigate being a new mum.

For Hazel, love Ness.

It’s bittersweet – the memories are of pure joy; her laugh; her amazing Christmas baking; her love for her garden which still blooms without her. Mum taught me everything in life except how to live without her.

For Kerry, love Maryanne.

 Kerry passed away from clear cell ovarian cancer, 3 months after her diagnosis.

She lived to love and care for people. She also loved being half Welsh and cheering at the rugby!

For Sue, love Rosie.

She was my best friend, my guiding light, my teacher, my home.

For Alison, love Sara.

After living with a transplanted kidney for over 20 years, Alison died unexpectedly in December 2018 after being rushed into hospital for emergency surgery due to a perforated bowel. She survived surgery and remained in ICU in an induced coma but died weeks later. 

She was never afraid to be herself and fight for what she believed in. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to see her again.

For Julie, love Sophie.

Julie died in December 2020.

I miss your laugh, your smell, your soft hands and ability to put everyone at ease.

For Kay, love Steph.

She drank cups of tea on endless rotation and she loved a glass of shandy. The world became a little darker when she left it, but her love remains strong!