Postcards For You

Messages for lost loved ones, shared with the world.

Death is cruel. Grief is complex. The current global situation we face together has only intensified the pain and confusion.

Yet, many Governments and Media continue to describe those who have died, as merely ‘stats’ and ‘data’.

Let’s show some humility. Acknowledge humanity. This pandemic is personal. Grief is personal.

Every single individual lost – no matter when, no matter how – is a unique being; with a name and a story. With a reason to be remembered.

A new postcard project is here – a global tribute. Messages shared first online, and then left out in the world for strangers to find (when the time is right)…


Launching Thursday 21 May in #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. Read an article about why this was set up here.

How to get involved.

Step 1. The postcard.

Got any unused postcards at home? Want to get creative and make one? I’ll leave this part completely up to you…

Step 2. The words.

What do you want the world to know about them? What made them special? What made you laugh or smile about them? Make sure to include the person’s first name and close the message with ‘This one is for you [name] #postcardsforyou (and put @60postcards somewhere on it).

Step 3. Take a break.

Writer’s block? Make a cup of tea. You may not think of the words right away and there’s no rush here. Do it when it feels right, only if it feels right.

Step 4. Share your message.

Take a picture of your postcard message and share on social media. Tag @60postcards & using #postcardsforyou. Submit it here it to have it featured on the site and to be part of the wider project.

Step 5. Hold tight.

Keep the postcard somewhere safe and sound; on display or hidden away. Wait for the call to share it outside for people to see (hopefully Grief Awareness Day, Aug 30. We’ll see).

Step 6. Get inspired.

Have another tea / gin / whatever takes your fancy. And keep an eye out online for postcards and stories shared…

The Postcards.

For Vivienne, Love Rachael x
For David, Love Bachul x
For Dave, Love Jack x
For Gordon, Love Sue x

For Kitty, Love Luke x
For Brita, Love Lisa x
For Clare, Love Ruth x

For Roy, Love Sam x
For Bronwen, Love Llinos x

For Wenna, Love Meg x

For Molly x

With special thanks to:
Bec Ashdown
Luke Murdoch
Jack Baxter (TNN Charity)
Lisa Hasslegård-Rowe