Postcards in NYC.

I was honoured to receive many messages to my inbox about people’s loved ones – messages that remind us that grief does not need to be shouldered alone and how we can seek comfort in shared stories/experiences.

I was plotting a trip to New York and invited people to get involved by sending a handwritten postcard for me to deliver in the city. I packed the notes in my suitcase and scattered them Stateside, with the aim of connecting writers with finders, if any were found.

I enlisted the help of a few people in New York – friends I’d made along the way, plus a couple of others, including Meghan Markle, quite randomly. I’d contacted her lifestyle site, The Tig, about the project and she offered to come and help in-person. Bit hard to get hold of these days. Ha. And now I slightly regret how hungover I was when I met her. Life.

It was an honour to do this project on behalf of others. Pretty terrifying, too. Those postcards felt like treasure and I really wanted each and every one to be found. Some were spotted and new connections and stories were made. Take a look at some of the old blog posts below.

Blogs about the Postcards in NYC.