This one is for book readers only!

On one of the last pages of the book, you have the opportunity to spread the word through our collaboration with the very exciting app company – PS Print Studio.

Just follow the steps below to send a (physical) postcard anywhere in the world!

1. Download the PS PRINT STUDIO iPhone app HERE

2. Visit to get your exclusive code

3. In the app choose your FREE postcards design from the 60 Postcards gallery

4. Write your message and address it to someone special

5. Enter your code, hit send and continue the story……………….


2 thoughts on “PS PRINT STUDIO

  1. I just heard Rachel on Radio 4’s woman’s hour, but my mother had shared this link with me just yesterday.

    I’ve not seen you or Sarah for so long and I think I probably saw your mother more recently than I have either if you two; I spent a week with her when I helped out at an Allenbourn activities week in Devon during a summer break from uni.

    It doesn’t take me to tell you how proud you would be making your mother.

  2. Hello,
    ummm I think your really inspirational and everything you’ve done the way you’ve coped is fascinating I no this might not be the same but I no how it feels to loose a loved one and all you have to go threw but
    I didn’t think about what I could do to celebrate there life what you have done to celebrate your amazing mums life is outstanding your a role model and an inspiration

    hope you can get back to me
    thank youx…

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