From One Tribute to Another: Russell’s Postcards

To start things off today, I am going right back to the beginning of my 60 Postcards project to give a re-cap for those who may be joining the journey at this point…… It was the absolute unknown of how to be – how to feel – about losing my mum that left me in such aContinue reading “From One Tribute to Another: Russell’s Postcards”

The First 60 Postcards London Meet Up

(If this is your first visit to the site, my guest post for SkyLightRain summarises my 60 Postcards story.) Hiya, Did you feel it, did you feel it? HEAT, SUNSHINE and, for me, the sudden realisation that the ghost-like shade of my legs may well have hurt people’s eyes more than the sun actually did. It really wasContinue reading “The First 60 Postcards London Meet Up”

Natasha’s Story – The Creation of Leaf

If this is your first visit to the 60 Postcards site, you might want to check out my Mother’s Day post where I summarise the story so far….. Hello all and a happy Friday to you! Today’s post is about a traumatic situation with a positive twist – about an inspirational lady who has setContinue reading “Natasha’s Story – The Creation of Leaf”

60 Postcards: The Next Stage

If this is your first visit to this blog then you may want to check out my last post, which talks about what has happened since this blog began in March 2013.   I have gone a bit quiet lately and what I should have done was let you know that I was taking a little timeContinue reading “60 Postcards: The Next Stage”

Another Year, Another Mother’s Day….

It is March 30th 2014 – Mother’s Day is here again. As many of you readers understand, Mother’s Day without a Mum is one of the worst milestones of them all. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries are bad (very bad), but this one involves a marketing frenzy for the whole month leading up to it. Cheers for that. ShopsContinue reading “Another Year, Another Mother’s Day….”