Lucy & Linda; A Message on the High Line

Bringing you news once a week about the ongoing 60 Postcards project (you can read a summary of the story in Glamour Magazine, here). Earlier today I was in the creative cafe, Drink Shop Do, having a coffee and a chat with Lucy. I didn’t know Lucy before our meet but I did know a little about her already, asContinue reading “Lucy & Linda; A Message on the High Line”

FREEZE! 60 Postcards – The Story So Far……

FREEZE! During the last week, I have found myself explaining 60 Postcards to people for the very first time. It’s tricky, you know? So much has happened since this project began on Mothering Sunday, March 10th, that I am finding it increasingly tough to condense it into a few points! Naturally, I don’t want toContinue reading “FREEZE! 60 Postcards – The Story So Far……”

New Adventure in New York!

Note: To understand the story from the beginning click here. Crikey! What a week. I feel like I have been in the Twilight zone a bit. Actually, it took me a few days to realise I’d bought drowsy and not the non-drowsy medicine. That didn’t help. I can’t believe that one email to one publicationContinue reading “New Adventure in New York!”

Respect for the Runners

Note: To understand the story from the beginning click here. Smithy (Charlotte), Gooders (Paul), Simpson (Hannah) and Slapp (Kev) – I salute you. Congratulations for your Marathon running skills on Sunday and to the efforts of all involved in the touching tribute to Boston. Huge amounts of respect for the runners. I walked home from work theContinue reading “Respect for the Runners”