Mother’s Day: With or Without Her

To find out more about the 60 Postcards journey so far, you can read a summary here. Sunday 15th March is almost here and Mother’s Day marketing fills the shop windows, dominates articles online and generally smacks the motherless amongst us in the face with every single mention. It is a day that is tainted for me sinceContinue reading “Mother’s Day: With or Without Her”

Another Year, Another Mother’s Day….

It is March 30th 2014 – Mother’s Day is here again. As many of you readers understand, Mother’s Day without a Mum is one of the worst milestones of them all. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries are bad (very bad), but this one involves a marketing frenzy for the whole month leading up to it. Cheers for that. ShopsContinue reading “Another Year, Another Mother’s Day….”

A Note from NYC…

Note: To understand the story from the beginning click here. Seriously. Why did I even decide to come here? I’m having a terrible time. Horrendous. DULL. End of post. Well, in actual fact, I am trying to work out how I can miss my flight home. I feel a little guilty. My love affair with ParisContinue reading “A Note from NYC…”

And so it begins……

Starting a blog is scary. Really scary. I’ve been procrastinating for too long now, though. It’s time to ditch ‘the fear’ and get going. So here I am – hi. One thing I have noticed when reading up on advice about beginning to blog, is to make sure it is something that you are passionate about. Tick; there isContinue reading “And so it begins……”