Another Year, Another Mother’s Day….

It is March 30th 2014 – Mother’s Day is here again. As many of you readers understand, Mother’s Day without a Mum is one of the worst milestones of them all. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries are bad (very bad), but this one involves a marketing frenzy for the whole month leading up to it. Cheers for that. ShopsContinue reading “Another Year, Another Mother’s Day….”

A Post by PS Postcards and The Final Countdown

HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! How did you spend yours? Mine was on my doorstep after having my bag stolen. Classic. (Bag was recovered in a nearby plant with all but a bank card inside. The card had been cancelled anyhoo. Unlucky you thieving…..) Erm, how is it the 15th of January already? Two weeks into theContinue reading “A Post by PS Postcards and The Final Countdown”

Writing a Book is Easy…….

Writing a book is easy…..NO – NO IT IS NOT.  This one is for all of the cynics out there. For all of the people who believe that I am on some kind of holiday – swanning about on my weekdays, coffee shop-hopping and lying in bed until 12pm. INCORRECT – this is not theContinue reading “Writing a Book is Easy…….”

The Clandon Park Wedding and My Journey Up North

To start the story from the beginning, click here. Hello all! I am back from Paris and have since been here, there and everywhere. Now, after a trip away I would usually do my next post all about it. Guess what – I’m not going to this time. Let me say it, just this once…..Continue reading “The Clandon Park Wedding and My Journey Up North”

60 Postcards: The Next Chapter

To follow the story from the beginning, click here. Welcome back, welcome for the first time and welcome all to blog post numero 43 – my favourite yet. My accommodation is all confirmed for my ten-day Paris visit. Airbnb strikes again – I will be spending my first week in a studio flat, a mereContinue reading “60 Postcards: The Next Chapter”